Pay to win unfair to standard version players

A guy I play with paid for ultimate version and plays on PC and Xbox….he has 8 Uber uniques including doubles of the ring of starless skies and andariels visage….he leeches off the Uber drops in every group he joins while others who have worked just as diligently to gather materials get nothing….something is fishy

you are a funny guy :rofl:

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You’re a shill for Blizzard obviously….no formal conspiracy is necessary when interests converge

So…your evidence is:

  • he has more ubers than you
  • he bought the ultimate edition

Are you for real?


Ummm, I’ve got ultimate edition, I got 0 Ubers. You’re right, something is fishy. Where’s my Ubers to go with my ultimate :thinking:

You do know that Ubers are RNG drops, and if he’s tagging along in runs, and doing tonnes of those runs, then of course he’s going to get Ubers.
There’s a whole debate on solo vs groups and item drops in Uber boss runs you know.



How do you connect in your silly brain that the ultimate edition has something to do with your friend leeching off people and getting multiple uber uniques?? Lmao

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