Option to turn on percentages on (Health bar, resources, fortify) so we can see the total value without going through the menu

I noticed on PC you can simply hover over your health/Mana/Fortify to see the exact amount of of them you have in numbers such as 100/100. The biggest thing here is Fortify, when I see my fortified health fill atop the normal health I don’t know the exact value of it, so it would be nice to see right beside the health globe a number displaying the amount of health & fortify.


Yeah, i’d love to see the exact amount of fortify I have as well… On pc i noticed they can still run around while the inventory or stat page is opened to see numbers going up and down in real time without having to stand stationary to check out what the buffs do, or in this case how much fortify i have in a numerical amount beside the globe.


Would only make sense to be able to see beside the health glove in numerical value for example

HP 100/100
Fortify 100/100
Mana 100/100

just an example i’m sure they could put abbreviations so that the font is not taking up all the screen.


On consoles, there should be a setting to always show exact values or percentages of Health/Fortify/Resources.


I am thinking that a simple option in the settings could create a small but informative EXACT percentage of what your health, fortify or other things affected that would be shown on the health or resource globes. The fortify visual on the health globe is a strong start. if this were a game that allowed mods, someone would have already come up with this idea. thanks for your post OP

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agreed, more interface customizable options like wow does. life and mana numbers

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the “hover over” while in combat in hardcore aoz is WILD lol
but thats what we have to do.
more options the better