Opening Chat on Xbox Crashes D4

This has happened to me consistently since S3 launch. I open chat and the entire game freezes and crashes. I have cross platform turned on. Major bug please fix.

Xbox Series X here. I tried on the one in my living room and sons room, same behavior.

Same here. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times.

What’s weird is that I can chat fine when I first login, but once I leave town and fight a mob, it crashes. The rest of the game works perfectly fine though.

Started happening for me a few dyas ago after the latest patch.

It’s happening on PlayStation too. Going through town portal and hitting your home pad has frozen the game at least 5 times for me

Still happening… this is crazy.

Still happening in Build #4976. It’s minor, but it really slows the game down for me to have to go through the social tab, then whisper, then select the channel I want to message every single time.