Opening a chest in Helltides is NOT an exploit

It’s not, but the Harlequin Crest obtained from Helltides Chest between 06/07/2023 and 07/07/2023 should be removed from the game. It’s not player’s fault but the case destroys the foundation of an arpg game. You can’t give the rarest chase item with a bug to anyone and expect to be “ok”. It’s not “ok” it just destroys the entire point of farming items. They should be removed regardless of any motive.


Not even a bug in the drop rates actually. Literally an oversight.

They made it so helltide chests could drop uniques. The only unique helms in sorcerer/barbs loot tables were uber uniques (therefore, any time you roll the .5% chance to get a unique from those chests, it can only be a shako/visage).

The devs didn’t realize this (or test properly) and pushed it to live. It’s their mistake; not improper coding, not a misplaced 0, and not players abusing some weird glitch. Oversight on drop tables.

Im done! This is the final straw! Just kidding see you all in game tonight. Congrats OP on the helm.

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Mistake in code or the misplaced 0 is what we had BEFORE the helltide shako bug. Blizzard should be banned for exploiting its players with lies like “build changing uniques”


its so unfair, i always wanted a visage, but i only got 3x shako. and they are even bad. why would i want to use a 12% 11% and 13% shako if i could have a visage. you are a lucky man!

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notification is gone does it mean they are in the game again?

You know we all know math. during the bug there was 5 helm chests and 8 mystery chests possible. And MANY of us got them all and got nothing. So you getting 3 would be about the same as the drop rate of shako was in the first place.

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if it was intended, they wouldn’t have made any changes. They have made changes to something they did not intend, which people were using for their gain, this it is exploiting by definition

No its not. Purposely avoiding content in a game that has almost no content. You are saying EVERYONE that opened a helm or mysterious chest after the patch was exploiting.
Exploiting requires intent. If i would of got a shako the first 2 helltides it would of been great but I had no idea about this bug. Hence not an exploit.

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TBH its 100% the dev’s careless mistake so its definitely not an exploit.


not an exploit, no. Only an oversight which has to potential to ruin the integrity of the ETERNAL realm aka the main realm forever. These drops need to go, or people will go. Myself included.

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They need to take every single one away that was obtained during that window or leave the do rate as it was during that time.


Graveyard ? Hello if u r not a regular diablo player… most ppl play standard in d2 which means eternal… that is 70 percent of the ppl. Either they remove it or risk massive quit rage…

This isn’t D2. The seasonal format of this game is not like D2. The loot, content, and progression is not like D2.

You know what this game’s model is actually like? D3 and PoE. Noone plays standard in D3 and PoE

I didn’t get anything from the helltides but players shouldn’t be punished because Blizzard accidentally fixed super rares for a few hours.

They should just leave the drop rates as they were for those 3 hours since super rares are a stupid idea.

It’s not an exploit, it’s a bug

ima be pissed if everyone gets to keep their handout uniques. give everyone a shako or remove the uniques.

well who cares what you think, you don’t deserve it, and I hope every time you look at it, it’s reminds you of how much of a jacka** you are.

exploiting a bug is called an exploit


What if the exploiting in question is actually just playing the game normally, and the bug in question is actually just a dev forgetting/not QAing what’s on a loot table?

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