Opening a chest in Helltides is NOT an exploit

100% this. People who throw around words like “exploits” and “abusing” to describe things that are regular game mechanics are just morons.


Just one thing…it is not you character level, it is the monsters level that has to be 85+

Permanently BAN the accounts of people who found Shakos/Visages yesterday.

Blizzard, do what’s right.


Off with their heads!


Its on the eternal realm which is a graveyard soon. Just enjoy it for a couple weeks then say goodbye as you will probably never find one again because blizz will never hand those uniques out for free again

Not Just the Men, but the Women and Children Too


I mean you need to differentiate a little bit. Those that just went their with the main char should be fine. But there are those that just created an alt and got it dragged to WT4 in a few mins and opened the chest to get the drop.
So that is kinda exploiting the whole thing a little bit.

But at the end of the day, if Blizz should take action, they would need to start banning the streamers, cause they encouraged the masses to log in and abuse the drop rate lol

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I thought people had to be lvl 85+ to get it?

if thats the case, nobody leveled to 85 within the time of a single helltide.

No rollback is gonna happen, it would have happened already.

Endgame players spent 100s of hours just hunting for one super rare, now blizz gave em for free. Its scandalous, ironic and sad. Im not surprised if a bunch of endgamers quit.


Nope, they got handled as normal uniques from the chest, so just having WT4 was enough and on YT they already found the way how to farm the cinders with your main and just use em on an alt, without refarming the cinders.

Unless they carry without those extra steps to an alt, which i dont know, cause i only have a single char lol


To be fair, anyone who does this is legit dumb. The item can’t be farmed for.


Why does everything these days have to be this or that, all or nothing, black or white, yin or yang. There was a bug in the drop rates. Some knew about it and took advantage of it. Other’s were too busy playing the game to know, and managed to get one. IF there’s a way to look things up in the database, and verify they were actively exploiting (which would be difficult in my opinion as it involves intent, something not measured in the database) then they should get theirs revoked. But doing a blind rollback for everyone in that timeframe is just as bad.

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Ehh…new season in 2 weeks… quit? Lol

It’s not, but the Harlequin Crest obtained from Helltides Chest between 06/07/2023 and 07/07/2023 should be removed from the game. It’s not player’s fault but the case destroys the foundation of an arpg game. You can’t give the rarest chase item with a bug to anyone and expect to be “ok”. It’s not “ok” it just destroys the entire point of farming items. They should be removed regardless of any motive.


Not even a bug in the drop rates actually. Literally an oversight.

They made it so helltide chests could drop uniques. The only unique helms in sorcerer/barbs loot tables were uber uniques (therefore, any time you roll the .5% chance to get a unique from those chests, it can only be a shako/visage).

The devs didn’t realize this (or test properly) and pushed it to live. It’s their mistake; not improper coding, not a misplaced 0, and not players abusing some weird glitch. Oversight on drop tables.

Im done! This is the final straw! Just kidding see you all in game tonight. Congrats OP on the helm.

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Mistake in code or the misplaced 0 is what we had BEFORE the helltide shako bug. Blizzard should be banned for exploiting its players with lies like “build changing uniques”


its so unfair, i always wanted a visage, but i only got 3x shako. and they are even bad. why would i want to use a 12% 11% and 13% shako if i could have a visage. you are a lucky man!

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notification is gone does it mean they are in the game again?

You know we all know math. during the bug there was 5 helm chests and 8 mystery chests possible. And MANY of us got them all and got nothing. So you getting 3 would be about the same as the drop rate of shako was in the first place.

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