Nothing to say. I dislike rare loot less affixs, and rarespawn loot is broken

Title- the rest is fine though…

Affix Nerf, Rare spawn items suck now, have no purpose, broke synergy with
No elemental DMG affix means no way to boost fire DMG on Barb for HellHammer and Beserking.

Right Now i can farm Darkblades have Shadow Dmg and upgrade and move on to Killing.

New System Darkblades Suck. I cant put Shadow damage on it, instead is got STR and Life and a rng of distant monsters dmg.
Its too slow, feels like Endgame Minmaxer stuff and not good for core levelling. I prefer it the way it was. Dislike the change it has to Rare spawn items, and too much rng now, and i can find a amulet with double stats i want for fun. New system to craft that is too time consuming for luck of the same outcome.

The rare Spawn loot is broken. Fact. The Change to Rare and Wording on Affix’s Over kill.

epicially the affix MS and Just frankly boring stats. So all the fun ones are crafting locked for no reason than ppl cant read. Its kind of stupid. since you are still reading them now in a recipe book, call it recipe you are all good call it loot its a problem, I mean really?
I must have smashed my head. I dont understand.

I also think early loot levelling was fast snappy and got me gear and off i go.
Its feedback. i know the magic powers and blah blah is good. they know its good. waste of time stroking ego’s on a job well done is not needed.

I am telling you Rarespawn loot is broken. It is meant to be Fixed Stat and rare Loot. Different from Normal Rare items. That is a Fact.

You see i need outcasts gloves for HellHammer to come online fast as i get more burning dmg. I dont need to fluff about sifting loot i hunt these gloves get the drop and go. Now they roll with 2 generic stats.

So A there is now no reason to hunt these items, = dead mechanic
B. There is now no fast way i can build using these fixed stat items. So i am forced into a game of rng craft button mashing, now if i could selective the affix i actually want fine i craft my fire gloves. Great.

Still takes away from Rare Spawn Loot.

Conversational Feedback can be about something i dont like.

Without meaning i hate the whole thing.


Yeah, chat, he doesn’t know about Tempering Manuals. It’s okay, he’ll learn.


It’s ok once the hype wears off you will see how crap it is to play.
Unlike you i was playing before PTR so i have direct comparison to playing old and new, its already i slog i dont care for.

I think it’s just the way you go about that feedback. All of us here probably want the same thing, for this game to succeed.

(post deleted by author)

Maybe if you had proper grammar people would take you seriously. Doing a direct comparison is wrong.

The crafting changes are the reason I came back I feel they have listened.

The MasterCraft system is well intentioned (Even if it is a direct rip off of Last Epoch Legendaries)

Seriously man you are being very abusive in your posts towards every one, maybe be polite instead of calling people trolls, and offer constructive feedback instead of launching attacks.

Just chiming to point out not only did you discredit yourself on your initial post but right here means you won’t be listened to by anyone. This forum is especially watched right now so you’d be better off not spewing verbal abuse at people.

Also, it’s white knight.


lol whos gonna tell him about manuals

This thread reads like that Abaddon guy in trade chat earlier today, yikes.

What a terrible take. Please Blizzard, don’t listen to this person.


I’m going to reserve judgement until the end of the PTR or at least until I have seen everything.

I do tend to agree there is a lot of new things here but not really more, just different than before…but that doesn’t mean bad. But once the newness wears off, I wonder how much better it is than what we had.

So far I can say the numbers on barb look better overall…Dust Devils are out of control, especially the 5 from shouts…but I still need time to play with paragon to know for sure. Just currently using my old barb paragon but it needs changing for sure.

Also tweaking to go check out frozen orb Sorc even thought I said I would just test barb for now.

Helltides feels much better though.

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It is also the first day give it some time…

Agreed, I’ve learned in various community forums (even this one, I think?) that screaming like a little kid even if the issue is legit does not get you very far.

Gonna get over it? notice me edits? notice there is no tone in text. It was a slap in the face. I was giving Negative Feedback. Are you feeling good policing my imaginary behaviour and tone? its really annoying being call out for tone in text AHH I AM SHOUTING IN CAPS. no i am not, i am just lazy and using it to make words stand out. Rather than hit the in Bold text.

PS i do have server mental Illness and have not medicated, so not like a kid missing Adderall, but thanks i know i cant be perfect like you i really wish i could my life you actually be easy, thank you for reminding me though with your backhanded comment.

I am giving it time for the changes that are good up the chain.

This was only addressing more immediate effect and effect on Rarespawn loot which i have become fond of using. I know knee jerk defending is as common and knee jerk negative feedback. Both are the same.

I used a example, not sure what is hard, oh thats right not good at hyper fixated affix, i see where i went wrong. I mean i tried.

It’s really about getting to the point and expressing that it doesn’t feel good, Doesn’t need to be more than that like some are making it out to be.But please continue attacking me, versus asking questions about what do you mean here?>
No you just knee jerk hate on me for not liking Last Dpoch .

Well that explains everything, please step off the internet and seek medical attention. Then try again later. I am not saying this to be mean but as a concerned denizen of the internet.

Yea we just like to joke sometimes, I think I was just passing by and in general get a bit triggered by negative posts on these forums…when dev team asked for constructive criticism only. Regardless; I think when in an emotional state, it can be good to sometimes sleep on it, and hit it again in the morning.

Whatever. Your bordom it inflammatory to someone not having fun. Its negative, but it is pointing out a issue. Just wasn’t kind about it. Oh well. Doesn’t mean its wrong. Or Invalid.

The points i made are comparing there old system with new and how it functions outside of pits run minmaxing. I dont think its a great first impression. Sorry i just dont.

Why do i not get that Opinion. Yet they only ppl enjoying this now are these that left D4 and came back. so ofc it would feel good. Doesn’t mean it is. Its a illusion. I didn’t here nothing about it needing to be written in polite love letter format. I was making a point after being utterly gutted the items in the game i have been enjoying and playing for the whole season.

Typical, you know nothing.

Yes, Dust Devils are insane. Aspect to increase their size/damage is on my 2h.

I went with Double Swing / Dust Devils, and nabbed two tempers to increase Double Swing size. It’s just under +100% bigger. Is something insane like 500% possible? Half screen Double Swing?!?

Barb is just under 50, but everything gets shredded, even in WT3.

Tempering adds tons of new skill modifications, and I’ve only looked at Barbarian so far.

Skill mods are great, this thread is was only talking about yellows being trash and this now includes Rare spawn items. So this is not major in terms of games can make items obsolete. i just think in this game its a worse choice. to make gearing so boring.

The focus as alwasys is on endgame. But they journey is why someplay, I WILL MISS FINDING GREAT YELLOWS, What D4 offered was better than other Arpgs, which i why i played. It was also fast and snappy despite its “reading” issue. Which wasn’t even a thing for me. Enchanter sucked, storage of aspects sucked, This change should have built ontop of that not in outside and around it cutting at it along the way.

Now its D3 100% all that matters is endgame loot and pit runs. Its a downgrade to the game, and i frankly a spit in my face.

Honestly i think its too much cutting at the foundation.