Not a fan of Codex format

Scrolling down through the list looking for an aspect kinda sux. Can we go back to the grid/icon setup like it used to be?


There are also search and filter capabilities at the top. I would try to utilize those, but feedback is noted!


Not trying to be rude but how could you possibly ever in a million years under the infinitilion stars come to the conclusion that this new UI is in any shape, way or form worse than what we used to have?

The new Codex/Occultist UI is amazing.


The new ui is awesome sauce!


Yeah, but if you don’t remember the exact name to type in the search box, and not all keywords match what looking for, either.

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And how was the old “mouse over every single aspect bubble and read its description” better exactly?

But I feel like your argument isn’t even true; if you don’t remember all aspects you can still figure it out incredibly fast as you check different categories etc.

And finally I think you’re missing the fact that Codex of Power used to only have aspects that you can earn in Dungeons.

Now we have ALL aspects in the Codex, so there’s more of them.


If all the aspects are lined up in a grid, like it is now, just moving mouse over them shows the tooltip vs. scrolling down, and down, and down… Whole lot faster.

I’m quite aware that they are all in there now, thank you very much.

No, it isn’t faster. You’re just forgetting that most aspects in the game were not in the Codex before.

No, I’m not.

You would still have to scroll a lot anyway, also, the difference is between going right and down with the mouse, not that much I believe.

However, here is a feedback about the codex and filters:

  • I think that if each aspect had it on icon it would be easier to memorise and improve navigation.

  • I am on PC but most of the times I play with a controller on the couch, since I am using battle net, there is no keyboard overlay or such and then I can’t use the codex filtering feature.

Lockout the shortcuts when using codex

I wonder if there’s a way to switch between the two UI at a click of a button.

OP must be joking. Codex UI and rework is a big fat W. Single best change in the whole patch.


Type in “dust” and all the dust devil ones pop up
Type in “attack” and all the ones with the word attack pop up

It’s very, very easy. I don’t think you actually tried it out…


Exactly. Just search for literally any word in aspect name or description and you’ll find what you need right away. Looking for anything related to lightning spells? Type “lightning”. Looking for barrier related powers? Type “barrier”. How could mousing over bunch of identically looking icons one by one be better?


Use the search function for the codex, by far the best we had so far


While I like the new UI for the codex, I wish they would of left it at the occultist and allowed you to pick the aspects you wanted added to it. Maybe they could add a favorites option so it only shows the ones your current build uses so it is easier to find what you are looking for.

Jay aspects in codex, Jay search function, Booh scrolling (no overview and unclear, i liked the old format better)

They literally have favorite option implemented in new Codex.

skeletal mages - nothing