No Renown unlocks, NO HORSE (!) during the Campaign. Did everything on live servers in past seasons

Fog of War, Altars of Lilith - nothing is unlocked.

And I believe I should have a horse during the campaign after reaching Kyovashad because I did Campaign back in Pre-Season… however no luck here either, no mount in campaign.

Talk to the horse/stable person.

No luck on my Renown unlocking by talking to the horse/stable person, and neither is my horse unlocked. Need to unlock my pony by reaching Act 4 still.

I would include an Imgur album with screenshots but I can’t add links apparently.

boost the char to 100 and you get everything. if you want to level just make a new char after you boost the first one

That sounds wrong.

Quote from the PTR blog:

" We will have servers for PTR in our largest regions: North America, Europe, Korea and Japan, South America, and Australia. Once you log-in through Battle Net, your account will carry over the following account-based progress:

  • Campaign Completion
  • Mounts and Skill Points
  • Fog of War
  • Altar of Lilith Stat bonuses"

I have not received my account-based progress. I don’t want 100 000 000 Gold or all glyphs or any of that.

ok and im telling you how to fix it immediately instead of hoping for a patch when the ptr is only 1week

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But based on that blog, boosting does NOT give you Renown because Renown is your account progress and it’s supposed to already be given to you before you ever boost. So why would boosting give me Renown? I feel like it’s not going to and I’ll be left with boosted stuff that I don’t want.

it does, ask anyone in game. i already did it. you will see after you boost the char

My intention was to test out the campaign a little bit without boosting whatsoever.

Then delete the character after?

The blog was inaccurate, and has been updated to correctly reflect the way to unlock progression. It does not carry over from retail, and you will need to boost your character to have that progress granted along with the other boost features.


Thank you so much, that explains it and I shall boost&delete as suggested.