Necromancer: Skeletons to Ghouls

I’m aware that the godawful glow of the skeletons isn’t, apparently, intended and will change at launch. This isn’t about that. Instead, this thread is about the overall diversity of the Necromancer’s undead army, or lack thereof.

There are currently:

  • Skeletal Warriors.
  • Skeletal Mages.
  • One Bone Golem.
  • One Bone Spirit.
  • One Ultimate that summons skeletons.

Why are Necromancers so limited in their command over the undead?

Personally, as I’ve mentioned in several threads, I think ghouls would have been a much better choice for the warriors category.

These quick undead horrors would be absolutely perfect as melee minions, and with their lore…it’s even possible that they could utilize the Necromancer’s secondary resource of corpses. Allowing them to feed upon corpses could evolve them further, could heal them, who knows…there’s plenty of possibilities.

Instead of the ethereal wisp of blue, you could have cryptic sigils etched upon their pallid skin and burning with that same blue hue, to differentiate them from hostile ghouls.

This would, at least, provide a little diversity to the types of undead that the Necromancer has at their disposal. If they were given a simple resurrection spell atop the above, maybe resurrecting enemy mobs at reduced health and speed, that too would go a long way…but just the ghouls alone would be neat.

“I recognize that the skill ‘Army of the Dead’ and the ultimate are a bit bland. Instead of just summoning several skeletons and an exploding ghost, it should be a skill that summons different types of skeletons, such as warriors, archers, spearmen, a knight, etc. They would fight for about 10 seconds. Maybe a skill like ‘Cut’ would be nice to cover that skeleton skill style.”

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That would certainly be nice too!

Zombies and Ghouls are usually minions for Vampires. And Witch Doctor. WD, Monk & Templar needs to return as playable characters. Templar because we already had Pala and Crusader.

I’m pretty sure that ghouls were in Rathma’s sanctum, though that’s beside the point: their lore doesn’t restrict them to being the minions of vampires…as it would if they were a film trope variety.

Thankfully, they aren’t the Renfields of Diablo.

As for the Templar, I really liked the overall vibe of the Crusader…but I have a strong feeling that they will make something entirely new that embodies a combination of all the holy classes of the past. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing them go with Templar though!

Templar with holy power caster dps. Even WoW is missing that. Etc. Could be Cultist too.

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Hey man, where have you heard about the awful glow is gonna change?

I would really like that to be true!

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They posted it here: Diablo IV Open Beta - Known Issues - #9 by PezRadar

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Sorry it just made me think of this haha

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