Necromancer 2 skill slots to summon. Why?

Why did someone think having to sacrifice 2 skill slots to summon both skeletons and golem was good or fun? sorry if this is for balance sake but having to give up 2 slots just for the summon seems un-fun to me, i had preferred if it was like the skeletons, all in the same skill.

That’s all i wanted to say/share, it has been fun playing but this really made me upset because now i either give up a skill or give up the golem :frowning:


Agreed, strange idea since the skeletons show they can be combined.


The skeletons are all one button, the golem another.

And for good reason as the Golem is an active ability whereas the skeletons just spawn skeletons, then mages, then the priest.


Hopefully there are some additions later for the golem, like vampires and liches. Or, we can use a skill instead of the golem. There are +# of skellies items, BTW.

Love these posts about people having issues because they have to make choices. This game is a far from from WoW that gives you everything and makes you use 40 abilities or POE where you just look up the top meta build created by Alkheizer69 and play that.

Keep them comin.


there’s that… and then there’s the fact that saccing the golem seems to not give the bonus.

at least nothing changed in my character sheet/stats/attackpower numbers when saccing it.

*i figured id just sac it to save the skill slot but it doesnt seem to work.

I don’t have a problem with it… feel like necro is already op


We need more keybinds. Or they need to make two special buttons for summon skeleton and summon golem. No ready they should take up two slots on your bar.


There have always been Minionmancer builds and Non-Minionmancer build. Having the summon abilities on the hotbar forces this same distinction in D4. Necro would probably be OP AF if they could have their minions AND six other abilities.


Oh you mean like how it was in Diablo 2?

Diablo 2 is the Gold Standard for Diablo games. They should make all Diablo Games based on Diablo 2 and upgrade from there. Not downgrade.


Think the button choice is limited to accommodate console players

D2R had 12 skill slots on controller.


You can forego minions to receive bonuses, non-minion masters are still an option intentionally included

The bonuses you get are not worth it.

The mages have a good bonus for sacing them that ads more damage to vulnerable targets.

Agreed, bonuses are not worth the skeletons as they both tank and do damage. Also, having an essentially passive skill on my bar feels bad. Then again, the necro is really limited in useful skills to fill up the skill bar anyway.


The ultimate Army of the Dead Supreme Army says that it also raises your minions, but you can’t test it since you don’t get enought skill points in the beta. I wonder if it raises your minions without having the skill in the skill bar and if they stay alive until killed.

It does not, tried it last night. Supreme Army of the Dead makes you have raise skeletons in a skill slot in order for AOTD to auto res them. If you go to your Quest log and press W you can “Claim” 2 extra skill points by a couple of achievements (don’t recall off the top of my head) but you can get there

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Damn. Well the minions never die so a skill point spent on that is pointless.

The true problem is forced 6 slot limitation. This is clearly not enough for this game - and for Necromancer this especially shows. This artificially limits builds variety and makes the game much less fun than it could be