Necro Minions Fixed - Details?

Since the minions have been fixed today, does anybody know what exactly was the change? Didnt have time to try it out yet.

I must have missed something. Can you please provide any source?

My impressions are that they have added some kind of aoe damage reduction to them.
Knee jerk impressions are that damage is slightly lowered though. I just cleared a whole dungeon on world tier 2 without losing a single minion.

Lost about 5 or 6 total on Ashava earlier. Her attacks no longer wiped my whole crew out.

Kripp said on stream earlier his early impressions were like 50% more hp, 30% less damage.

Overall, they don’t feel bad anymore. Keep your heal up and they shouldn’t die unless they get focused down by a boss or elite. Which is how it should be. No more panic cause one elite cleaved down all 7 minions at once.

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Thank you. Wow.
That was quick and actually pretty good fix. My alt necro smiled a bit.

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Cool, good to hear that the fix seems to have good impact!

It’s WAAAAAY better now

They should take no aoe dmg what do ever, the AI is so awful they all stand in mechanics.

I just tested against a few Veteran II Dungeons (1 with a boss, 2 without), and yeah, they are WORLDS better now. My build is focused on Minions and Shadow DoT spells to boost their damage, so they have the full Health boosts possible.

The Defenders never really dropped below 70% health, as long as I popped a Priest every now and then. The Mages could fold a bit more swiftly, but also they aren’t up in the face of things, and are supposed to be more frail anyways (comparatively). Bosses could drop a Mage or two during the battle if you aren’t somewhat diligent on keeping up a Preist HoT. Elite packs were never a concern (although, Bone Prison helps keep enemies corralled well).

All in all, they can take hits again, especially if you invest in them. Not sure where they stand if you don’t, but… my build plans are focused on them and the Shadow spells, so doesn’t much matter to me.

Now, if come the time for the higher difficulties, it gets a bit harder, that is fine. We will be 50 at that point, and starting to see Paragon stuff, higher Minion Health modifiers on gear, etc. There is systems at that point to help balance the curve.

my thoughts currently when it comes to melee or whatever they’re called, only defenders are good and wont die as fast, the others are still kind of weak

My build idea is double curse, reap for fortify+damage reduction+generate corpse every 5 seconds on bosses so I can keep 100% uptime on skeletal priest.

Golem and either bone storm or army of the dead in my other two slots.

And also I haven’t lost a single minion in 2 tier 2 dungeons so far. I’ve seen some drop below 50% hp but nobodies died yet. I’ve been keeping heal up. Heal only gets better with more skill points and minions get tankier with paragon board and the right items. So I’m hopeful this will work. Minion builds should work.

certain elites still ignore minions and go straight for me D;

The fix was too late. I came, I saw minions dies by white mobs looking at it. I quit necro. What is the point to even raise one that way :smiley: