Necro is weaksauce

So after playing all the classes, the only two that are fun and feel powerful are the Sorc and Rogue.
Just got done with the Necro and after getting wiped by the first lvl1+ stronghold bosses, I had to close him down.
Skeletons are weak and barely pull aggro, if at all.
Main Devour ability is weak and has to be channeled, which is a problem if your skeletons aren’t pulling aggro, which they aren’t, so you can barely use Devour.
DoT ground ability (can’t remember name) is weak and not big enough; monsters constantly get out of it.
And even if you can somehow manage to get a semi-strong monster stacked in your ground DoT, Skeletons attacking it, and holding Devour, it still doesn’t do NEARLY as much damage in 5 seconds as a single frozen orb explosion.
Barbarians are a little stronger, but compared to the sorcerer, still super weak.

This doesn’t feel like a Diablo game. This is like Lost Arc 2.0. Better yet, 1.5.
Cool looking abilities that deal no damage.
Diablo is was fun because of your ability to slay hordes of monsters. You can barely even find hordes of monsters and if you did, you’re probably screwed.
Really hoping to see some change, Blizzard; this is not going to be fun past completing the storyline.

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Necro Is Op, not only It starts from the scratch with 4 skeletons (healable) and skills that produce corpse on hit but you can Just use the right button with a maxed corpse explosion and GG.


If you think those skills are so weak, why didn’t you just use other ones?

There are so many ways to build a powerful necro in the beta.


Ya man dunno, corpse explosion seems pretty good to me.

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Necro feels easy mode just like sorc. Might just be a skill issue because I think you are in a small minority if you find necro weak.


Necro feels strongest early game from what I’ve tested. Bone Spear just wrecks everything and if you get the bloodmist legendary you are AFKing yourself through leveling.

I’m curious what build you’re going with and how you’re trying to play the necro. I just hit 25 this morning and I haven’t died once outside of the World Boss. I’ve walked through most content with my minions swarming and me applying Corpse Explosion liberally as I skip through dungeons whistling a merry tune.

If you don’t build around using your summons they’re not going to be that great…
The necro is very versatile if you realize which skills synergies well, and get legendaries that improve those skills. My necro has died once before hitting 25… necro is op if you understand how to play a necro right.

We are clearly not playing the same game. You did make sure it said Diablo IV, right?


Necro? Weak? I literally AFK’d the entire questline to level 25 with thorns.

I would usually tab out before any big fight and look at the forum just to come back and everything would be dead around me and I am just standing there perfectly fine.

This is with zero minions.

you can basicly take almost no spells and just let skellies do everything. 1 of the early spells can also 1 shot most regular mobs and this is on the highest dificulty right from the start until around lvl 20 where i stopped. i think it is to strong at lower lvls

I thought that the game with necro was seriously under tuned to the point that I desperately wanted a harder difficulty just to give me something to do. Not sure how you were playing it, but you can basically set it to veteran and almost afk with necro, the skellies kill everything in a few seconds.

Hot damn if those skellys are not the ugliest asset Blizz has every created.

Bad troll is bad.


necro is by far the most busted class in the game… you dont even need gear… LOL

People that refuse to build into other skills for diff content or swap affixes dont deserve to play dungeon crawlers beyond normal mode.

I found necro to be the most op. He clears faster than mage and you can just run around and let your skeletons aggro the bosses. I love corpse explosion.

Yeah, no the summoner spec is not weak. It melts packs and bosses…

Clearly you suck at necronlol. Skeleton is op kid.

This has to be a troll. Necro is an afk class.

I actually just switched to the skills OP is mentioning just out of bored curiosity. Not as good as bone splinter/spear but was fine, necro is so stupidly strong with minions it doesn’t really matter.

Necro is insanely strong in Beta. DoT build + 5 Skeletons and I have pressed Pot 2 times from 1 to 15. Bosses do nothing but melt from afar. Everything melts.