My awful Beta Experience

To start, this is my opinion in regard to the Beta’s from both last weekend and this weekend.

This has to be the worst Beta i have encountered. Blizzard who has released several games much larger than this, still cannot get it right. Releasing the beta under the excuse of “Server Stress Testing” is by far the worst excuse i have ever heard when they have had games like WoW, Overwatch, CoD, Starcraft, and not to mention the Diablo games.

The proper excuse they should’ve stated is they are releasing a Beta that has awful systems managing the servers and a bunch (Not everyone) will experience Server Disconnects (Especially during boss encounters, or world boss), and consistent queue times. They have no idea how to resolve these and will continue to not have an idea when the actual game launches.

I anticipate a bunch of Blizz Fanatic Fans or trolls to reply with hate, it is expected. Makes it easier to block/ignore as i most likely won’t reply to this thread, as you can’t change the mindset for those individuals who ride the Blizz train.

Let’s hope Blizzard can get there stuff together, but then again it is Blizzard we are talking about, they can’t handle games working properly let alone their staff.


Spoiler Alert;

Launch is going to be even worse.


I’ve had no issues via the sever, it’s a you problem.


Last week I had issues friday but saturday and sunday/monday where alot better.
this weekend however has been a frustrating nightmare at the end of the weekend if it has not improved its probably best to refund and wait for reviews once its out. I personally love the game have four toons at 25 and a druid at 20 ('cause druid) but the frustration of the server issues is more then I could bare at launch losing your world boss lot becuase of poor service. Who wants to go through that when this year has so many great video games to play. I will wait till they have this issue sorted.

You’re upset you lost progress in a beta where your progress will be wiped in a few days…
Makes sense. You can see the hatred within you when you block/ignore people because of your own issues you create yourself.

No one is stopping you from making games yourself, and making them better than Blizzard.

I think those Blizz fans may be even AI program made to post positive things about their products and make haters go away from their forums. But jokes on them because they are the ones making this forum so entertaining. :slight_smile:

They very often say: Ok, dont play it, bye. And overally this kind of simple things. And when it gets out of arguments, it will just reverse something you said even tho it doesnt have to be true.

I really apologize for my believe, if youre real people then sorry. Didnt mean to disrespespect anyone.

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Translation: I have stated a horribly uninformed opinion as fact, and anyone who disagrees with me can only be a fanboy. And I know I can’t stand up to actual discussion on this topic so now I’m going to run away and hide. But first I will declare moral victory. Then run and hide.


What if some people actually like what they’ve played so far of the beta? Are you aware that people have different opinions?

My overall experience documented here (I can’t bump my own post cause I was the last reply):

But yes, understandably that this is a beta and there are a lot of things that they need to work out, but given that they have less than 3 months to work it out and it’s mostly due to the game constantly needing to be online that causes a whole lot of issues that I foresee will persist even at and for months to come after launch.

Believe me, when I was beta testing Diablo III, there was hardly any technical issues (and most of the feedback from that beta was mostly in regards to class balancing), but having tested Diablo IV at this point, I’m actually considering to cancel my preorder.

Just finished all 5 to 25 and 2 to 25 on hardcore Rogue and Necro beta launch woes sure expected but both Necro and Druid since 11am yesterday I would say thats a pretty damn successful beta launch.

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Other than the queue times, the teleport back to town and entering into dungeons being a bit slow, the game ran fine for me. I have an older computer, Intel(R) Core™ i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.00 GHz, 16 gigs of Ram and a Gforce GTX3060 3 gig video and it ran pretty smoothly.

PS I played last weekend and today. Took 3 characters to 25 pretty easy. Done all the quests and side quests. It was fun.

This beta is quite a joke. Playing in 10-minute windows between queues, can’t even finish the world boss due to disconnects. “Lagging” when switching regions (i.e. leaving/entering Kyovashad, the Crucible, etc). Queues… 1-2-3 hours queues on Friday, Blizz got the backlash and “fixed” it the blizz-style, now you get to wait <1 minute queues for 30+ minutes :smiley:

Yeah, you might say they “warned us about queues” or “it’s a beta, get a life dude”, blah blah blah, but no, open beta is not only about stress-testing the servers, it’s about a chance to get a feel of the game before you buy it. And don’t forget they advertised early access to the beta as a benefit for paying extra $$.

And yes, all this stuff just says a lot about how blizz care about players’ time and experience. (spoiler: they don’t).

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Uh, the game comes out in June (6th for everyone, 4th for early access).

That aside, I agree with your sentiment (as per my previous reply).

The game was available for early purchase before they announced closed and open betas. Theres even a feature on account page that allows you to opt in for upcoming release beta test.

You act as though you’re being attacked personally my experience is totally opposite of yours.

Makes braindamaged post
Preemptively calls everyone trolls



And look how launch went for Diablo 3 I don’t even think they had a public beta test for D3, can’t remember so if I’m remembering correctly this just proves how much they kearned from D3 to D4.

a few disconnects in friday, today nothing, thats all
seems fair consider the hype and volume of players

block me now

Looks like you somehow never learned that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Are you so short-sighted and ignorant that you don’t realize that your own singular experience doesn’t reflect everyone else’s experience? That other people can have different experiences than you? lmao wow dude.

Personally, I wasn’t having that much trouble getting in at first, but I could still believe other people were having more issues than me. However, now, I can’t even get into the game. Repeated disconnects and errors preventing me from getting back in.


Yea, Diablo isn’t a niche game anymore… there’s not a small fan cult of gamers anymore. Gaming has gone mainstream for some time now. You now have 100,000’s of players trying to connect to play. It’s a good thing google vps is being used otherwise the servers would be ddos by the sheer amount of players trying to connect… then no one would be able to play at all. Than imagine the uproar of people not being to play at all, and you’re here upset over quite literally nothing. This is entirely to be expected on how stable a game would be during a release by any company when EVERYONE wants to play that one game.

It literally advertises “PRE-PURCHASE FOR EARLY ACCESS” right under the title on the main page, yes, in these big letters.

That’s called survivorship bias. Maybe it did not happen to you, like because you were playing in the morning or smth. Just a glance at the forums shows i.e. a huge number of ppl experiencing same connection issues.