Much more unique items, please

Please create much more new unique items and implement them into the game.

There should be at least

  • 100 unique 2H weapons
  • 100 unique 1H weapons
  • 100 unique helmets
  • 100 unique chest armors
  • 100 unique pants
  • 100 unique boots
  • 100 unique amulets
  • 100 unique rings

This would ensure that a unique item drop will feel more unique.

Right now, unique item drops don’t feel unique at all. This is because

  • there are way too few different unique items
  • the same unique item can easily drop several times, e. g. when you repeat a certain boss run
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This is impossible to balance, I would be happy if there were 300 uniques in total. But every unique item will be different and will have influence on your style of playing.

That will definitely contribute to build diversity, especially on leveling, but it is hard to make all of them useful. Look at d2. it is great to have so many uniques, but in the end “good” builds use… SOJ or Bul-Kathos, war traveler, arachnid mesh, mara…