Most of the keyboard stops working

Do not read much further to avoid some spoilers.

Late in act 5 when my friend and I where in hell. We came to the first barrier. Suddenly most the keys on the keyboard quit working along with some mouse functionality. We could move via mouse, but couldn’t attack. Right click skill did nothing. Our attacks 1 to 4 also did nothing. T for teleport also didn’t work. Q for potions did work. I think m for map also worked but trying to stay alive with waves of mobs and no way to fight back didn’t give us a lot of ability to further test. We managed to run all the way out of the zone. Zoning didn’t fix the issue. What finally fixed the issue was logging out and back in. We did this one at a time hoping by keeping one of us in the game we wouldn’t have to fight all the way back through. While it saved some distance all the monsters in hell had respawned and we had to fight through. My friend completely closed the game and relaunched from the app. I only logged out of the game and back in. Both of us had the issue resolved by doing so.

On a sperate note. We were lucky this happened really early on. Had this happened later it would have been a much bigger nightmare being there was no waypoints from the moment we entered hell to when we fought the final boss.


+1 it’s happened to me twice. I’m playing alone so I don’t know if any other players in my group would be affected. It just happened when I loaded into a cellar and I couldn’t get anything to work but potions and movement.


Same here, Ive had this happen multiple times seemingly at random

All of the sudden the keyboards stops working - I cant use teleport, climb/dodge or any of my abilities that I have keybound.

Only way to fix it was to quit the game

Same here, only solution to quit and resume.

I feel your pain. I found a dungeon that had some treasure goblins, and that was the time my controls stopped working. A rare find and a big screw you from Blizzard.

A friend figured out that if this happens you can just go back to town and accept a new quest. Fixed his and mine today.

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Same here, in a dungeon suddenly aal the keys and mouse atteack stopped working, unable to go to town so had to start over (nearly finished the dungeon :frowning: )

Yep, happened to me twice now with no particular trigger I noticed. Once I zoned out of a dungeon, zoned back in and nothing worked except the mouse. Next time I just found a waypoint, wandered down the road and discovered only the mouse was working :-/

Yeah same happend to me yesterday and had to restart , and today it happen again when i was doing the T2 cahtreal of light dungeon half way all attack buttons stopped. But i can move around and use the meny etc , but not use any action buttons on the bar.

Absolutely the same thing. It’s happened 4 times so far, no specific thing, it just happens out of the blue. I am in a mission that you cannot just leave the game to do. I have no idea how this is going to affect the current mission I am on. I will be most upset if I have to do everything again, your talking about a mission at the end game. I won’t spoil things but if anyone has done the end-game missions, you’ll know what I am talking about. This needs fixed as its really starting to bug me.

+1 bump Keyboard stops responding no specific trigger, just hackin and slashin and then all of a sudden nothing

Happening to me as well. Keyboard suddenly stops working right, or keys will fire off in odd patters. ESC acts like ctrl esc and other weird things. If you manage to alt tab out of the game nothing works right in windows key wise. Clicking back on the browers opens a new tab, can’t type etc.

Close D4 and it all works fine.

+1, just had the exact same issue. Connected my Xbox controller to the PC: same behavior, nothing would work but pots etc

This has been happening frequently for me. I’ve also had several instances where every USB device on the PC disconnects itself, then attempts to reconnect.

I feel like there’s an issue under the hood somewhere with D4 and the USB drivers. I’ve never had this happen with any other program, so it’s definitely an issue with D4.

Apparently the USB issue has been happening since at least March. Someone needs to do some digging and get to the root cause of this nonsense.

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just happened to me same thing. I am in a dungeon right before boss fight, stuck with half of controller button not responding and checking google for a solution and here i am.

I had this happen to me last night a few times. would teleport into town and lose function.

This has happened to me as well twice. First time I had teleported to Kyovashad and lost functionality in my keyboard and mouse. The screen would still show me pressing buttons for teleporting or using a skill but no action would occur. The only fix was leaving the game and restarting. Second time occured once I had entered a dungeon. I wanted to port to town to unload some items and make inventory space but the teleport button was not functioning. I thought it meant there was no portal function in that dungeon so I left to try outside and realized I had again lost functionality in my keyboard and mouse and the only fix was to restart a game.

I have had the same issue. Once in a dungeon and twice in open world. I have so far not found any response from Blizzard. Perhaps after full access they will have time to address it.

Same happened to me just now, almost at the end of Light’s Retreat dungeon. I can see the icons of the skills “activating” when I press the keys but they don’t actually fire.

+1 This has happened to me Twice so far, The First time was Boss fight in a Dungeon I rebooted PC. Had to do Dungeon all over again. It’s Just happened again (Prior to me installing latest patch, maybe it will fix it)