Minion nec too OP so far?

I have a sorc and rogue at 25 so this time I tried nec and with my minions out all I have been doing is hitting a single key for blight. Not a single time have I ever been in trouble or needed to revive even one minion.

I even did Malnok at lvl 21 where it was 23 without even caring as I just run around in circles for something to do. I was not able to clear Malnok on either of my two other characters so this shows my low level skill I have.

I am on normal so it should be easy and this doesn’t take into account how minions will scale in later game but just thought there was so much difference in power that I would mention it here.

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Mine get wrecked by bosses, but I didn’t skill into like HP bonuses. I think there’s definitely a fine line between them feeling OP and them getting slapped in harder tier content. We will have to wait and see. Seems like it would be a difficult thing to get right but I have faith.

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Pet Necro is beyond broken.


lvl 25 rogue did lvl 27 malnok ez in veteran

Well I was a trap rogue if that means anything :>

Necro has a lot of the same “problems” as Sorc in that it doesn’t need much itemization early but since it gets everything in its kit so early, other classes will catch up. Both got their class mechanic in the beta and while they have fewer item slots, that’s not a real issue at this low level and low difficulty.


No necro has always been the easy simple to play class, but will be slower and a horrible boss killer by the end.

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This is the very first act of the game.

Pet classes are generally pretty strong and easy early in any game especially when you can get as many permanent pets as necro can at level 25.

What people who played closed beta were saying about minion necros was the pets can survive, but it’s just not enough damage for the end game nightmare dungeon meta.

Really makes me roll my eyes when I see people on the forums and even youtubers who clearly know better but they want clicks for money say things like ‘COMPLETELY BROKEN’ and ‘THIS IS GETTING NERFED 1000%’

Just relax guys it’s act 1. Go play the end game in june and see what every class can do and then we can have a serious discussion about balance.


But it’s the drama queens who will control all the nerfs and class adjustments, they scream the loudest.


Might change at :100:

Maybe not…

I hope that wasn’t a reference to my post

If you ever played D3, witchdoctor is OP leveling while the DH/Wiz lags far behind.

Yet look how that turns out at endgame.

your post was pretty misleading too because I definitely remember the goatman mauler rare for the side quest actually deleting all of my skele war and mages in less than a second after it entered my screen. Like every single skeleton was just gone in 0.5 seconds.

Ya pet builds are generally super easy mode in games though its the same thing for bm hunter when you are leveling in wow. Doesn’t mean they are completely busted throughout the entire game you’re just looking at act 1 right now and you are also overgearing for act 1 at that because you are getting full legendary affixed gear sets.

D2 necro with pets was “ok” for clear hell, slow but safe
Bone/nova necro was a farming beast
I mean every character will be viable endgame, not all can be the fastest
You can survive pretty easy? Slow killing
You are a glass cannon? Fast killing
Just relax its a demo of few content,dont even know the future gear/enemies

This is what I am referring to in my comment about referring to my OP

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Again, 30 seconds before I alt tabbed and saw this notification, a goatman mauler boss at the end of a dungeon wiped out every skeleton I had at the start of the fight. All 12 skeletons gone.

If you have never had to raise a single skeleton you clearly haven’t been doing much in act 1 because the mauler rares and bosses can easily wipe every skeleton out.


If you think minion necro is op, try blood/thorns necro. Have not used a single potion to heal in like the last 5 levels. :slight_smile: Most trash dies to 100 thorns@level 15 and that’s only with a shield, a pot and the passive skill giving me thorns.

Seems much better than D3 version, which I’ve always hated, cast this, cast that, line up with coe, generate this, stand here, avoid this or die in one hit. Glad to see the back of that tbh.

Minionmancer on tier 2 just crushing everything, never hit half health.

Feels like tier 2 needs to be bit harder (sorc died maybe twice) and minions might need sliightly lower health. Also maybe have us start with1 skeleton, getting 1 more each level to max

I also think it might be due to scythes generally having a ton of +health after kill, which is huge in early game, and/or having the only shield in the game

The balance is with no movement skill, it levels slower in the end. I think my rogue halved the time to 20 due to dash/shadowstep just flying through dungeons.