Mid season cosmetics feedback

Wow, the bird range is epic. Very nice. Not for me though. In general:

  • Even mid way through the s3 battle pass + other store purchases, i’m feeling very saturated with cosmetics atm. It feels like a waste to get more.

  • The season model is literally cutting down the store sales. Other games create a sense of permanence with characters which underpins the dolly dressup game. Diablo 4 is the opposite, and because its very forward in throw away characters, every new character gravitates to the same best outfit. Which everything in the store is competing with. Feel free to send me a tip for the market research.

  • There are a few new outfits that have finally looked good this season, but they are too expensive to not have booba. Even elaborate functional outfits are just functional, and can only command a functional price.

  • I rolled a male character for the first time this season. Very happy with it. Not spending real money to dress it up sorry. I think the greater point is now there are 4 barbarian sets that could easily be considered best in the shop that i will never get.

  • Im not even going to try the druid class because of how it looks. Happy with this dumbness conclusion.

  • The amount of effort this battle pass between regular and awoken really isn’t enough this season. Its an amazing outfit, but its 50% of the battle pass cosmetics that are invisible. Please try harder next time.

Anyway, that in combination with the lore disrespected down to esg points has me in a firm holding pattern. Good luck!