Maybe I'm in the minority? I still love Diablo 4

I love the game and I play it everyday.

I can play DIV without having fun :heart:

I think this is the key here. This game won’t take weeks to complete if you grind for hours and days on end. There’s not enough content in the game for that at the moment. Some people would love to just keep playing and this is where some (not all mind you) of the hatred comes from. People want something to work toward, more end-game content to keep them interested for longer then a week. Doubtful we’ll get it soon though.

I’m in the same boat, I take long breaks from D4, play other games, come back when I feel the itch to play. I’ll complete the seasonal objectives and usually call it good for that season and wait for the next one to come out. My backlog of games is just too big at the moment, I got a lot of catching up to do.

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It’s just always popular to take digs at big companies.

No rational adult gets upset over something as insignificant as a video game. If you like it then play, if not then dont. Its really pretty simple. Its just a silly game after all. Its not that big of a deal.

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For lots of people video games is a No. 1 hobby. Every rational enthusiast will get upset if he sees how bad his favourite game is performing.

Getting upset or happy/euphoric is part of a hobby. Look at sports… if the favorite team plays really bad its time to get upset. gogogo you can do it too.

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It’s a game I can pick up out down whenever I like and doesn’t have a great deal of depth or difficulty to its systems. Other games that I play sometimes it can take me a couple of days to get a feeling for the mechanics and timing again. Diablo might change the season formula, but the base mechanics are as easy as riding a bike again.

Yes, those things you listed D4 does better at that than others. But the getting to 100 is a frame of mind that other games give people aka end game. People have a frame of mind that a game is all about end game and that getting to max level should be fast/trivial. Trying to go back to D2 1-99 type of game play is admittedly tough these days, although I enjoy that part of a character journey.

Wyatt Cheng once claimed that Diablo is all about killing demons and getting loot!! And D3 did that. But he’s missed something vital. And that is tinkering. Just like car enthusiasts/hobbyists like to tinker with building cars, and Android enthusiasts like tinkering with UI, arpg hobbyists like tinkering with builds and options via skill trees, crafting, loot filters, etc.

And D4 is missing that. Although paragon trees are an attempt, it probably needs some iteration. I think glyphs dominate it too much.

I wouldn’t get too tribal about D4 or aprg’s in general. I’ve always played primarily diablo games. However, I find LE to be quite refreshing really. The story is meh, campaign way, way too easy, but the systems are super interesting. I’ve changed my perspective on loot/loot filters as a result from my mindset going into D4.

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No, a rational person understands there will be some things you dont like and just play something you do like. Not get upset over pixels.


Those people who hate are hypocrites. They say a lot of garbage stuff to D4 and yet they are all here still playing since the start.

If this game is garbage, you should never see them here. But they dwell in here still lured to D4. Their actions speak louder than their whinings. They stay and cant leave this game becoz they love Diablo.

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Majority, probably vast majority, of players like the game just fine. I like it too though I realize there are some issues with it that need improvement. And don’t get me started on the shop lol >_<*

The forums with the endless loop of negativity give a very skewed perception of reality. It’s best to form your own judgement, ignore the forums, and go play something else when you need a bit of a break because gasp no game actually lasts forever.

Oh, you’re new to the internet, huh? You’ve find that very adult people will get upset about their hobbies, especially if they’ve spent significant time and money on them, when said product for their hobby isn’t meeting their reasonable expectations.

Or is it the word upset that’s giving you heartburn? Upset means willing to register complaints or express dissatisfaction. Not burn down a neighborhood or something psychotic like that.

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You are the minority – depending on who you’re talking to. I think you’re the minority on these forums because of the nature of who comes here. Most people whose attitudes towards the game are content/indifferent or better generally do not linger here.

It’s like being a democrat at a Trump rally or something.

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No, rational adults dont get all butt-hurt over a little game. If they dont like it they move on, simple. Anything else is just childish behavior.

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No, adults register complaints. That’s how you inact positive change. You don’t simply accept whatever is presented to you. You provide feedback and concerns so things can be improved.


The person who spends his time trolling others for providing feedback on the game’s shortcomings is in no position to discern what is and isn’t childish. 90% of your posts are you glazing up Blizzard and defending them from any ounce of criticism, even if that criticism is warranted.


I treat D4 like a snack bar.

Show up, grab a quick snack and take off again.

I don’t often sit down for a 3 course gaming meal that takes hours to complete these days, once upon a time I could sit for an entire weekend, with real life rotting away outside, don’t even get me started on SC2 LAN parties!

Gotta ration the fun these days.

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It’s always funny when someone tries to bring blizzard into something this isnt even being discussed :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:. I am talking about childish behavior, not blizzard. You can see who this applies to by the replies :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:.

I actually think it’s quite relevant. You’re sitting here accusing others of caring too much about the game, yet most of your time spent here is providing nothing of value to any conversation and instead trying to denigrate anyone for putting forth something that might actually change the game for the better.

Sorry to say, but anyone accusing others of being “butthurt” as you so put it while they spend a majority of their time belittling others and defending Blizzard is participating in copious amounts of projection.


I also enjoy the game.
I’m just sick to death of all the complaints/Hate.

Some are justified obviously for their discontent, and this game isn’t perfect. - But what’s been said negatively has been said Multiple times in Multiple different ways,
((Especially on You tube)).

Constructive criticisms is perfectly fine, but hating the developers and hating those who enjoy the game is complete Nonsense.

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