Maybe I'm in the minority? I still love Diablo 4

I see so much hate for Diablo 4 and I really don’t get it (well, not all of it).

Me and my friends still love this game and can’t wait for Vessel of Hatred to see where the story goes next. Also, playing together is much more satisfying than going solo to reach 100 and endlessly grinding for gear.

Maybe I’m in the minority of people who really enjoy this game? Could be because I’m pretty casual nowadays as I get older.

What’s with the D4 hate? I love the visuals, sound, music, gameplay, and I don’t have any issue with season 3.

Does the hate come from taking so long to get to level 100 on each character each season, especially for those who work and have families and all that? Someone who is on 24/7 and gets to 100 and still plays the game, yet calls it trash, seems like there is a problem with that person, and not the game, lol.

Well, the haters can always try that new Last Epoch game and PoE2 when it comes out!

I’ll be a Diablo fanboy forever :slight_smile: <3

Happy demon slaying all, whether you hate the game or love it like me!


I personally enjoy the game. I play it on my days off. I think the hate partially comes from lack of engaging endgame, poor loot system, and features that are not there that should be a no-brainer to have in the game.


Me too. I enjoy leveling new characters and watching them get more powerful. I also like trying new builds.

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1,000% this. The game was missing several key features that they’ve slowly been adding. It’s pretty obvious at this point that it needed another 6 months to a year of work to get to a decent release state.

That’s what has many people upset.


I like it when it is not made super easy and your classes are not SO MUCH more powerful than the enemies.

But when it is too easy it feels like a waste of time to play.


Tbh it doesnt take that long anymore. They nerfed the progression jouny into the ground, and yes leveling is progression. It only takes 15-18 hours for the first of the season. After that alts are about 10 hours.

I maybe play 2-3 hours a day up until a few days ago. Im min/max ready for gauntlet. Im playing a clunky dated arpg called LE while I wait. Theyve made everything so casual I need other games to play inbetween seasons and content releases.

Youre not in the minority. I enjoy it to as do many others. Forums tend to attract a loud minority. The majority of people that enjoy games dont lurk forums. If you go to Last Epoch forums you would think that game was the most hated in the whole universe and it just released. I think its a decent game, but certainly not the D4 killer that people were making it out to be.

Just enjoy the game and ignore the trolls.


Diablo, while seemingly simply, takes some skill and work to properly build a character. Too many people do not want to learn those skills nor do the work and therefore do not understand the enjoyment at succeeding in those efforts. Diablo has been around for two decades and has a reputation for being a great game. If a person comes to the game and struggles it is easier to blame the game rather than oneself.

Likewise many have not found a regular group of people to play with which adds to the enjoyment of play.


I’m still enjoying the game. Do I want improvemnts so I can enjoy it more? Sure. But that’s not for me to decide.

I still enjoy the game. Is it perfect? No but they’ve been consistently adding improvements.

My guess is a lot the hate is not really hate but people letting their anxiety get the better of them and they lash out. They want changes right now and in a very specific way and when it doesn’t happen that anxiety goes into overload.

Some is probably just genuine hate and that’s fine not everyone is going to like the same things. Although why bother sitting in forums telling people you hate something that’s what puzzles me.


I don’t hate the game. I want it to be better. I do post lots of criticism about the lack of features that you’d expect in an ARPG, or 4th in a series. The repeated mistakes they make like storage. There are many shortfalls the game suffers, but I still enjoy playing with my friends.


I enjoy Diablo 4. I just want it to be a lot better and I know it can be.

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It’s a great game. The hate it generates is mostly due to all of the nickel and diming, e.g., Battle Pass, Enhanced Battle Pass, constant supply of Cash Shop items / Event Sales Items, etc.

The game itself is pretty incredible.

I enjoy the game - it is a good “relaxing” ARPG to play and just have fun with. It isn’t one that I dive too deep into right now because I don’t think the materials for unique builds are there yet; however, the team is adding stuff to get it closer to a point where I’ll probably start doing my own builds and “try hard” to get certain class fantasies to work well.

Right now I am playing Last Epoch for more of the “build and explore” fix; however, in terms of combat gameplay D4 is the best of the ARPGs at this. Until the time it isn’t… it’ll always have a place in my gaming rotation every week =)

Seems like its only on the forums. The people I play with in my Discord seem pretty happy, but the cash shop does come up as a negative quite often, and the loot system could be better. I think the majority of diablo fans are happy.

I dont enjoy playing DIV but i play it all day long. I miss a colorful potpourri full of good performing and looking items to hunt for. I would like to see armor without skirts. New Mounts… Unicorns/Bunny/hellhound/camels. Funny endgame content, a chatbox with different tabs, black dye… theres 1001 more things.

I enjoy playing at my pace (and solo), so I’m still enjoying the game. I understand that the try hards burn through everything and then say “now what?”, but at the pace that I play, that is not an issue for me. I’ve finally had a Tempest Roar to drop at level 100 (lol), so now I can level glyphs higher and get higher Nightmare Vaults and Nightmare Dungeons. I would love to see the game get better and hopefully it goes in that direction.

I play every day, so I obviously enjoy the game. Doesn’t mean the game can’t be better though.

Somewhere there has to be a balance between what you are actually doing (playing the game) and how much you are complaining about it.

Doesn’t make sense to continue to complain if you no longer play it, at least that is how I see it. And it doesn’t make sense to be such a hater if you play it every day either.

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I still love D4, just waiting for “more” and the devchat next week.

I still quite enjoy the game. However, I don’t pump in hours and hours a day. I play a little during the week nights and more on the weekends but not going full on hard core. So that is probably why I love the game.

I play a bunch of different games as well.

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