[Main Thread] Unable to find license and authentication issues

I scanned and repaired and still have this Invalid License issue.


I managed to get into the game. And I didn’t do anything. I just tried.
It’s just Blizzard being Blizzard

Same fate here … the problem is not in your TV

Same here, but i have a provisory solution to this… its sucks but work, just install any language that you dont have yet and start the game, should work

i am also having the same problem now in the morning here in Brazil.

I switched to the BETA version of Battle.net and it recognizes my game as valid. Go to Options - and Switch to Beta Version - should be one of them - or maybe settings - I’m afraid to exit the game to confirm! But yeah nothing worked for me until I switched to their BETA client. Worth a shot - takes less than 1 minute and if doesn’t work, you can switch it right back immediately. Good luck!

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Same, could play last night, but tried to log in this morning and can’t get past the login telling me I have no valid license, but it’s clearly there in games and subscriptions.

Same here but you can not really repair it. The right error message should be that there are server sided issues.
If setting another language really helps (might also be just coincidence that it did work because the server was ok again after you installed it) it may be that this connects you to another regional server which didn’t have the issue

Verified with a friend who got this issue, it resolved the issue

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Same issue logging in this morning 9am EST any updates?

same here as well and if by chance I do log in the game crashes

You would think that in almost 24 hours they would have a solution.

so had the same problem this morning and did a scan/repair and it resolved the problem.

Eastern time zone, not able to play, getting the no valid license issue as others. Was not able to login to the forums until just now.

same here. And when I tried to post a similar thread, they temporarily blocked it as spam.
Yes, you heard that right.

Problem finally resolved for me just now after trying to login for an hour. I did nothing, while looking up on forums and websites for Blizzard server status.

most likely blizzard is down because D2R my characters don’t load either - Failed to authenticate. Please try again/Cannot connect to server.

Was able to connect just now.

For everyone that can get in again, how’s the lag issue now?

Just logged in on PC, east coast - "Queued For Game < 1 MINUTE LEFT - Start Game Pending - about 45 seconds and I’m in game.

But I’m playing a Barbarian so it’s likely we get priority now. OP class defeats Login Boss quite easily.