Long feedback on PTR

Hello everyone, I’m Tesdey content creator from Brazil.
In these 7 days of PTR I tried to pay attention to the problems I encountered during gameplay, and although I had a lot of fun with the PTR, I’m here to go over the problems I encountered and hope the game improves by fixing them.

    • Forgoten souls appearing as legendary items on the ground and on the mini-map is bad. Although it is a rarer reagent, it is uncomfortable to confuse it with a legendary item
    • The Pit’s reagent box exchange system is horrible (Obducite/Ingolith). Why can’t we exchange reagents directly at the NPC? Are we forced to click on boxes 500x and pick up reagents from the floor? Please don’t do this to us hahahaha
    • Veiled Crystal seems completely unbalanced, the impression given is that, if launched in such a way, the end-game in S4 will be torture where every time we want to change anything about our character, this reagent will block us from being able to do so.
      • I equipped 4 characters on the PTR, to do this I created 25+ characters to get 25k Crystals, and picked all the yellow items and Veiled Crystal that I found on the ground (played 7 days). Still, I lacked reagent
      • We currently have 6 different systems requiring these reagents. Masterwork, Tempering, Enchantment, Aspect Imprint, Transmutation craft and Incense.
      • In addition to an increase in systems that use Crystals, we have had an increase in costs, such as imprint aspect, which requires 75 materials. All this while now dropping fewer yellow items, which comes down to less material gathering.
    • Why does Masterwork require reagent Pits, Crystals and Stones? I like the grind, but I like Diablo’s fun grind which is killing monsters.
      • As stated previously, Crystals are already overstretched and needed in many different places. Why can’t Masterwork be something you improve just by doing the Pit? Focusing on his reagents? In any case, we will already be forced to do the Pit for this.
      • On the PTR, as we received a lot of reagents, so I had no shortage of Stones to improve my items. But I emphasize here that it will be very frustrating if I have to spend hours and hours collecting stones around the map to get my +12 items. Killing demons is Diablo’s motto!

    • Basic Itens updates The new item base is ok. It certainly helped with the issue of spending less time looking at items, but at the same time I feel that the vast majority of builds will use extremely similar equipment, with the biggest differences being the Affixes placed through Tempering. Honestly I don’t think there is a better solution, but for me it’s more interesting to have complex items together with a Filter system. But I believe that the Devs themselves don’t want a filter system in the game.
    • It seems that some enchantments and Greater-affixes tend to appear more than others. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but Greater afix related to Life (maximum life / life per kill / etc) often dropped and the same thing happened when I tried to roll an item’s affixes through Enchatment. Do we return to having affixes that appear more on items during enchantment?
    • We no longer have “+all stats” as a simple affix? This took me by surprise, although this affix still appears in some places such as unique items, this affix was important before so that we could obtain the necessary attribute for rare nodes in the Paragon system. Without this affix, many rare nodes in Paragon are not reachable, and therefore require a rework.
    • With the new affixes, some unique items that kept the same affixes, like Tempest Roar or Fleshrender, feels weird. Because you feel like you are missing out on a lot of good affixes that you would find on a normal legendary, but you are forced to use this one with bad affixes because of your build. It’s a weird feeling, as I don’t want the game to have all items with similar affixes, but the feeling of frustration is found in some of these unique ones. Maybe make it possible to make some affix more flexible on unique items, or bring at least 1 “unique” affix to unique items.
    • Not having damage reductions on items anymore meant that everything in more difficult places, like the lv100 pit, was killing me with 1 hit, even with capped Defense (16,500+), capped Resistance, and using aspects, nodes, skills and glyphs that contained damage reduction.

  • Tempering The idea of this system in general is great! But it still causes some discomfort when using it.
    • The first and most commonly said by the community. Is that it’s frustrating when you have a roll limit, you try to get 1 roll out of 5, but you keep getting exactly the same roll on every roll attempt. I understand that the system is meant to be “lucky” and can “destroy” some items that we want to make it as good as possible, and I also understand that sometimes we will want to re-roll the same affix, just to get a better number of this affix. However, it’s still very frustrating to deal with. I think there could be a system where we could at least force a roll of something different, so that the exact same affix doesn’t drop several times in a row.
    • I haven’t had access to all the recipes in the game to find out more about this. But I felt that some builds I created, the Utility or even Defense affix, didn’t have something useful for my build. On the other hand, all the builds wanted more special WEAPONS affixes, which are limited to just 2. I understand that the limitation may be deliberate for the sake of balance, but the affixes don’t seem balanced in terms of “interesting”. Another point that I’m going to reinforce here too, is that it’s strange that the Barbarian is going to have another great advantage with his class system, being able to have +2 affixes of the most powerful and interesting affixes.
    • Although I love the new affixes. I think it’s TOO early to put a bunch of different affixes that take on very large proportions. Frost Nova taking up the entire screen, Dust devils that you can’t even see what’s on the screen, I feel that many of these affixes need a reduction in number. Diablo 4 is still too young to start completely breaking the game.

  • Greater-affixes are excellent! But they need to be MORE different from the rest.
    • When they drop they have a slightly different sound, a slightly different color, and have a Greek alphabet at the end of the items… Still, when you’re in the chaos of a fight, or when you drop a lot of Legendaries at once, they can be difficult to see.
    • The most important thing I would say is that we need them to be clearly different in the inventory. Some different effect on the items (like ancestral/sacred items) or a different color. This will add an excellent quality of life in the end-game so that we can get rid of items more quickly when we don’t have a Greater-Afix in our inventory.

  • Masterworking system is “perfect” for me. Just need to look again at the reagents problem I mentioned earlier and some small points
    • I would like the skip button to skip the entire animation, not just part of it. It’s torturous when we go to redo an item from +0 to +12 and the skip only works halfway. I understand that you don’t want to take away the excitement of “trying to make the roll work”, but it’s boring when we’re doing it for the hundredth time. Maybe make the skip button skip everything, but it only appears when we put an item on +X for the 3rd time or something like that.
    • Now equipment upgrades no longer improve weapon damage, defense and resistence? I don’t know if it’s a bug or it was supposed to be like this, but it was something noticed. No complaints there, just registering. Because classes that had bad Defense already suffered from defense before, and now theoretically we will need even more defense (for the cap of lv200 enemies). Is this being balanced in items?

  • Codex of Power system is “perfect” for me. Just need to look again at the reagents problem I mentioned earlier.

    • They’re really fun. I was surprised by how cool the Accursed Ritual boss is and the new events that I call Carousel are great
    • The Tree of Whispers quests for Helltide Tier 4 seem unbalanced.
      • Opening 5 chests to earn 3 points? I usually open 3 to 4 chests in a helltide (2 mystery + 2 Living steel). Anyway, 3 points for a reward that takes you almost an hour to make seems a little insane.
      • 5 points for completing the Accursed Ritual, which is a long ritual to obtain reagents, with a boss that is difficult to kill.
    • Are we going to have a Helltide overload?
      • It looks like Helltides will become the best place to gain XP and get the best equipment during lving, so with that we will practically stay there from lv1~100, taking a few breaks to do the nightmare dungeon perhaps, or farming glypho only at lv100. Along with that, at the end-game, to make Duriel and Andariel, we need to make more Helltides (Reagents from Gregory and Lord Zir)!
      • I honestly feel like this is a complicated issue. Reducing helltide XP might solve one problem, but would we return to another problem (dopamine tunnels). The simplest idea that comes to mind to solve this would be to boost the XP of the Tree Whispers so that it becomes the best way to level up from lv1~100, it at least brings a variety of content.
    • I came across a bug, where the giant Worms that spit out demons, when they left the map, the map still understood that he was there, making me unable to advance to the place where he was.

  • The PIT
    • First of all, I feel that the pit is the same as the Rifts in D3. If the appearance is the same, if the gameplay is the same, why not make the name the same? The devs themselves called the pit a rifts in the dev talk. If you want a different name, “the pit”. Why doesn’t opening the “pit” cause the ground to tear up in the middle, and we go deeper and deeper into hell, or something similar.
    • I feel that the difficulty of the higher levels is still poorly balanced.
      • First of all, the enemies seem to gain little life with each level. I don’t know if the builds were too strong or what, but it was strange that up to lv200 you could kill everything in less than 2 minutes, it seemed like time was never an issue.
      • On the other hand, enemies around pit lv70~100+ also seem to be killing us very quickly. I felt that no matter what I did with my build, I mostly played as a Sorcerer, and as I said before in the items section, I was maxed out on defense, and yet almost everything at pit lv100+ was one shotting me. It seems that for most classes to make more higher difficulties, we’re going to have to make some unbalanced stuff and not follow the defense pattern that the game provides. Like; mages being invunerable 100% of the time, rogues dodging 100% of hits, etc…
      • This defense concern is even greater for builds that play melee. I feel that builds that kill enemies from a distance will always have a huge advantage.
    • Speaking of the Pit bosses, I liked how they looked with their new mechanics and I want the bosses to be challenging!! But;
      • As it is now, these dungeon bosses, which have never been a problem before, may be one-shotting our characters. We need their skills to be clear on the screen and some to be slower. With the changes in the game, our builds pollute the screen more and so do the bosses now. I have images/videos to show this better, but since I can’t post them here, here are a few examples; There is a boss skill that is a whirlpool (that sits on top of a sand floor) that was very difficult to see in the fight; We have some projectiles of some skills, which can be launched off-screen, and take less than 0.1 second to reach the character.
      • I loved the new boss system, where random boss skills appear during the fight! However, I feel that these skills are more lethal than any other boss skill. I wonder, if it’s because some damage reductions aren’t being affected on these skills, such as “reduces damage from burning enemies”, it’s just my theory, but are these reductions affecting these skills?

  • BOSS Ladder
    • I loved the lv200 bosses! They brought a more interesting end-game difficulty, which I feel was missing!
      But I still feel they need to be better balanced. I currently like the system that puts debuffs on you if you don’t dodge certain skills. But I feel that in practice, the boss has become a bit like, ignore all his attacks but pay attention to the attacks that can give debuffs.
      So I suggest increasing the damage of the bosses, but decreasing the damage scaled by the debuffs. So that the attacks that don’t give debuffs can still be a threat to the player, even without a debuff, but at the same time, it’s important to reduce the damage increased by the debuff a little to better balance this account.
    • I imagine it’s a bug, but it’s horrible that you do bosses like Gregorie lv200, and he only drops 1 shard instead of 5.

  • Barbarian
    • Dust Devils are taking up a lot of the screen, they need to be more transparent or we have to spam less of them. Although the build needs a simple nerf, please don’t kill it.

    • As previously pointed out, it seems a little unfair for the Barbarian class system to benefit even more from the new Tempering system. The affixes that go on barbarian weapons need better balancing. Dust devils taking over the entire screen, Upheal destroying the entire screen, it all seems a bit much.

  • Druid
    • A lot of things during the PTR seemed buggy, so there wasn’t much to test. Things like; Overpower damage, minions not scalling properly, Rabies, new landslide unique, etc…
    • Lacerate, which was buffed, is still very bad. I don’t think this skill is usable without having an aspect that increases your damage by [x] or increases your base damage by a lot. Core skills like shred or pulverize always seem to be far superior.
    • Raw Might aspect even with rework, feels bad when it dont count more than 1 hit on boss.
    • Aspect of the Expectant, like sorceress, I think that Wrath spells shouls be counted as “core” spells to

  • Rogue
    • Having 100% dodge seems kind of stupid.

  • Sorcerer
    • The new amulet is super fun!.. I think it needs a little nerf, something to reduce its numbers a little, it should balance the build. Since frost orb, without the amulet, didn’t seem strong to me at all. And the frost orb damage isn’t crazy, but rather the amount of orbs and conjurations.
    • The tempering affix to increase the duration of Fire Shield, in my opinion, needs to be removed. It’s very easy to get 100% uptime with fireshield with this new affix, and becoming immortal makes a lot of things in the game stupid. For example, everything I needed before defense such as aspects, Defense, resistances, becomes useless and I can focus 100% on attack. If it stays like this, all the best mage builds will abuse it. I suggest to make a afix with a different idea, such as increasing the size of the fire shield’s burning area, or something like that.

  • Things I wanted
    • I want World bosses that are more difficult or as interesting as the lv200 bosses. Before this PTR, the most exciting fights I had in Diablo were still on the lv20~25 beta test server killing Ashava. These bosses are incredible, but they are extremely poorly used due to the game’s balance issues. I understand that it is difficult to balance for many people with many different classes, but something needs to be done.
    • I wish uber items were better identified as something different. This confuses every new player.
    • I would like the game to tell me how many armor I need for the location I am in. It’s weird that the game only tells me how much armor I need up to enemies lv100, but when I’m in pitlv100 it doesn’t tell me how much I need for a lv200 enemy (which as far as I know, is around 16500… but I’m not sure about that, let alone more casual players.)
    • In the next PTR I would like to have access to all unique items. If the PTR test is to check exactly how the drop of unique items is, I understand continuing how this last one went. Otherwise, it’s frustrating to waste hours and hours of gameplay hunting for the unique item, just to run the appropriate PTR tests.

I don’t think that every Wrath skill should be counted as a Core skill. This make sense in Sorc because every Mastery skill needs mana and don’t have cooldown, working just like Core skills. Every Wrath skill in Druid is cooldown-based and doesn’t require Spirit, the opposite of Core skills.

About the biggest problem in this class, they made it even worse in Season 4. In Season 3 all Core skill build use 3 companions + Aspect of the Stampede + Shepherd’s Aspect, 2 companion aspect used even with companions being extremely bad, the reason is the absurd amount of dmg we get from this. Gameplay wise, right now Druid has -3 skill slots, because 3 of them will be locked for the companions and we almost never press these buttons. And how they made it worse?

1 - Shepherd works with Wrath skill too, so if you wanna try a Hurricane build, 100% that you will need to use the same aspect combo + companions.
2 - The Clarity passive changed to give you a massive buff to your Core and Wrath skills after using Companion skills. Ok, now you will have to press these buttons, but having -3 slots is horrible and waaay more necessary in Season 4 than in Season 3.

Imo they need to change Shepherd and Clarity to buff Companion skills. Core skill build will become weaker with this change, but this is a necessary step for the class health. If Druid become too weak, than buff things that make sense instead of forcing this bad gameplay.

Btw, why Cataclysm is the only Ultimate that don’t get a cool affix in the Tempering system? I mean, freaking Petrify, the best Druid Ultimate, has been buffed and also have a 50% duration affix. What they added to Cataclysm? Additive damage.


Congratulations Tesley… I like your videos. I gave a long feedback, but I had no comments. lol.


He really pointed out pertinent things… I just don’t agree about Rogue: Getting that 100% is not easy. It’s worth the reward when you achieve this with items that are extremely difficult to drop.

Nice feedback! It is perfect!

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jogador casual heheheheeh


I like your channel and your feedback was spot on.

Why not just have more tiers? Then auto scale the open world content - including world bosses - and its drops.

T5 restricted to lvl 90+, T6 to lvl 100+, T7 to those who killed Lilith, T8 to those who passed Pit 100, T9 as you pass lvl 200 bosses, T10 as you pass Pit 200…


Boss of the world must have unique mechanics… I think a barrier where he becomes immune for 15 seconds for each percentage of life lost or if he takes a lot of damage quickly he stays in the rage state for 30 seconds etc. There are many ways for fights to be longer…they do a good amount of damage, but they almost never get to see it.

Another detail that I wouldn’t like if the PIT was just a bigger slot. That’s bad. I didn’t do the 200 but I saw a version that’s exactly the same as the 1 pit, just more life and more damage from the monsters. That’s terrible. I would like the PIT 150 to be dense…scary.Meteors falling.Rooms that close like the dungeon.Maybe safes. Traps in various places. Resistance debuffs. And my main change would be to reduce our damage with each floor we go up. Pit 150 minus 5% of the total damage, PIT 151 minus 9%. Until it is impossible to complete. There will always be bugs or something broken. So increasing 50 levels every season doesn’t seem like a solution to me.

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Which dodge item is extremely difficult to drop? You can get something around 80% dodge with a single aspect, then you can get +16% dodge with 2 aspects that, if I remember correctly, you can get in the Codex by doing dungeon (which of them gives you 8%). So with 3 legendaries, something easy to farm, you already have 96% dodge.

Is a endgame setup? Sure, but don’t change the fact that is easy to get and is extremely broken, this shouldn’t be a thing.

So with dexterity the rogue will have 15% dodge. Reaching 100% is stupid. It should work like damage reductions. The more you put in the less you receive. Or simply have a ceiling of 90% or 80%

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Personally, I agree with this, but will never happens. If you want to know the reason, just give a look at the Vault traps feedback. Imagine how much those guys would cry about this in a real endgame content

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Nice feedback, very good!

Yes…but I don’t think any of this should kill you or slow you down… Just cause some damage. We already have too much damage… which should be nerfed. Sometimes a fixed percentage of life. For example if you receive a meteor loses 12% of life and burns for 10 seconds where the maximum health is reduced by 5%. In other words, if you receive 2 meteors it could heal for a maximum of 90%. And this could punish you twice as much, for 20s. The safes really they were not well adjusted. So, it must be very mild punishments, especially because you can’t see much on the screen. The infernal seas already have powers that cause us debuffs. I remember that d2 had a curse that reduced its damage drastically, which was It’s better to run from mobs than try to kill them. These elements the final PIT must have. Maybe some mobs that don’t even cause damage just throw curses that reduce our damage, our maximum health, reduce our armor, reduce our resistances. And it should be denser, much more dense.


Nice points Tesdey. I have a similar opinion.

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Nice feedback, waiting for 4 season!

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These points need to be adjusted immediately otherwise the fourth season will be frustrated.

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good feedback, i mainly agree with the part about veiled crystals.

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Ok, you have a really good point and idea. 100% agree.


Nice feedback! It is perfect!

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Nice Feedback. 100% I agree with everything.

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