Kicked from my own clan, request timed out error, random black objects in main city

just got removed out of my own clan today, request has timed out several times, and then nothing… hoping for it to get fixed, also for console issues, shaders, some buildings, and random black building popping up outa nowhere in main city.

The same thing happened to me. I logged in tonight to check on my Necromancer and found out she was “kicked” from the clan that I created. Instead, it brings me to the “Join” or “Create” clan screen.

Another issue is my clan was set to “Private” setting, so when I search for the clan I can’t find it. I checked on my Druid, and he was kicked from the clan as well. When I try to create a new clan with the same name, it gives me a timeout error.

Please fix this, ASAP!

Thank you!!

P.S.: I’m not having any issues with random black objects in the main city or elsewhere.

Same as everything above. Random black shaders all over towns, don’t notice in wild. Also kicked from the clan I made :joy:

Same thing happened to me yesterday. I played for a while and then completely closed and restarted the game and that seemed to fix it as I could see my Clan again.

It’s working for me now, thanks! I logged back into my Necromancer after I got home from work today, and it shows that I’m back in my clan. Everything looks exactly the same as before.