Just cancelled my order

I am livid that you turned Diablo into a second-rate, hollowed-out MMO.

I don’t want to enter a new town and find random people everywhere – standing on my quest NPCs, crowding out the vendors so I can’t even see the blacksmith under the pile of player nameplates, lagging my game and making my skeletons stutter and jerk and teleport after me.

I don’t want to trek to a quest area and then wander around behind Xxstonerrguuyxx the Barbarian and Fartmonsterlmao the Druid, collecting my quest items off the ground because they are twenty seconds ahead of me killing everything before I can catch up.

I don’t want to miss most of what is happening in every event because other people who I did not choose to play with are progressing it too quickly.

I don’t mind content that is designed or even scaled for group play (things like ubers, for instance), but I don’t want to be forced to rely on other people to access core endgame content.

You somehow built a game with the nuisances and frustrations of an MMORPG while leaving out most of the things that make MMOs enjoyable – extensive character customization, the freedom to move around in largely open environments (and do things like turn the camera to see those environments or, you know, sit down), professions and profession-based trade economies, robust social features that make you feel like you are actually part of a community and not just playing alone in a crowd of anonymous people, player housing and social hubs, the feeling that you are part of a persistent, evolving world without an end.

If you ever come to your senses and make this a legitimate Diablo game with a real solo/offline mode, I’ll pick it up. The game you actually made is just awful. I love the Diablo franchise and planned to try all the classes in the beta. Going in, I committed to play at least one character to max level even if I wasn’t really feeling it because I didn’t want to judge the game unfairly. By the time I left Kyovashad around level seven, I had already cancelled my order. I skipped through all the story after that point, grinding my teeth as I hated my way through the game until I just couldn’t bring myself to care any longer, commitment or no. I quit well before 25, glanced over a few of the the other classes’ skill trees while complaining to friends about the game, then logged out and deleted the game from my PS5. I genuinely would not play this game even if it were free.


You got alot of valid point… but face it. You’re just a number to Blizz, they dont care.


You nailed it on the head.

This version is deviating from what Diablo has always been, at the core.

Having online play is great, but being able to sit down with my son and playing co-op was our main point on moving forward with Diablo and being excited.

The fact that it is “online-only”, I believe will spell the end for Diablo.

With sad sorrow, I am also done.

Blizzard, please take this to heart; you are losing 2 longtime Diablo players (my son and me).


It’s not online only. My daughters and I have been on couch coop both weekends.


more then 2 lol I just cancelled mine as well. A bunch of other people too. May just be a number to them atm but once that number climbs higher we wont just be a number. An yes it is Online only, even tho you couch co op youre still on an internet connection. Yesterday not being able to play, today not being able to play from constant Disconnects. Get its a beta but tf is being tested if masses of us cant even connect and/or keep being disconnected. Had us pay an extra 20$ for preorder beta only to lose a day of that then 2 days here. Blizz OWES ITS FANS before it loses a lot more of them


It is only only, as far as accessing the game. Without internet, no bueno…

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You may be couch co op. but its still online. You’re still running into other players i bet. try unhooking your internet, bet ya cant access the SERVERS.


I’m still not convinced it’s pitchfork time.
This was just a short beta test. It was run online for security reasons.

As long as you can create private lobbies in the full version, I don’t see a Foul.

On the other hand.
What’s this about Blood-Marked players?

Are you going to make hostile, PVP-oriented players and servers a thing?

That’s a fine bloody line you’re tiptoeing.

If everyone gets their own playspace, the return of D2 level Hostility could be very good. But, Blizzard. It better be Opt-In.

I’m telling you. Respect people’s desires.
Private lobbies, PVE-only lobbies, Bloodthirsty lobbies.

Sounds good to me. I’ll be standing east of Kyovashad if you want to… come emote me.


Sorry the game style isn’t for you. I’m personally enjoying it a lot. If you want classic Diablo gameplay there’s D2 Ressurrected which (imo) they did quite a nice job of modernizing the classic.

This might not be the style for you, but I am optimistic that it’ll appeal to a lot of people and hopefully we’ll keep getting more content in the future rather than a decade long drought of content.


“Run online for security reasons” It’s been stated the game is gonna be online only. there is no offline mode period.


If running into a few other players every now and then is ruining the experience for you then sure cancel your preorder and move on to something else. This is just not something that’s going to change when the game is less than 3 months away from release so complaining about it now is just not going to help.

Have fun with your next game.


no gona lie this actually made me lol.

anyway, not sure why your so upset, it was always an online only game and preordered knowing that? this a troll post or something


Private/Single Player mode is crucially needed. There’s a large number of Diablo fan players that dislike mmo style.


It has to be online to connect with servers. We’re asking for an option to play totally solo, without encounters with other players online. A private mode like we have in all Diablo franchise.


It kills the entire atmosphere the diablo franchise is about for me. Now we have something like drakensang online, maps and cities full os players, npcs clouded with “xxdarklordpimpxx”, “xxninphorider_22xx” etc, quest itens ntbf, loot all over the place cuz they already cleared the place…
Its ok to be online, but no private server? Wtaf


Y’all should 100% refund.


I agree I think they need to make it so we can have our own game world. I don’t really want to see other players running around it sort of distracting.


I think you have a valid concern and I hope it gets addressed somehow. I think the best solution would be to have separate characters for online and offline play. It really can be that simple. Also simple is someone suggesting making private lobbies available.

It’s surprisingly that they’ve gone the way of Torchlight 3 without actually saying they wanted to do an MMO (which was the announcement that spelled doom for Torchlight 3 after a massively successful and loved non-MMO Torchlight 2).

After only completing Diablo 2 once when I was a kid and not knowing how Diablo could still be enjoyable as they’ve all looked the exact same, I was taken aback by how much I enjoyed this open beta test. Picked Necromancer, started out exploding corpses, then I went off the beaten path and found my own build and it hit my biggest desire in any game: total build customization. The cinematics have really got me hooked too.

If they lose you as a player, they should learn from that. But I do think there will be enough people like me–or between you and I–that come to show that this can still manage to be a competent edition to the franchise.


I did one better and didn’t order it WIN-WIN .


Fudge that. Im fighting to get this game to a better place win or lose.