Just an idea of something more on the immersion/world side of things

Secret passages, Since this game is growing and building it’s something i would love to see, kind of a expansion on the cellars side of the gameplay, but those moments i had to find dark passageways and secret rooms in D1/D2 add something to the game imo.

D4 could take this small thing and make it whatever you like, but i f you follow my vibe, I think its could add to the game in some way if we had more of these in the world.

Could be a way to spice up cellars, perhaps some might have secret rooms or passageways leading into something, for danger and reward. Idk possible to expand the desire and loop potential of cellars, since they are tied to whispers this could be inciting for the player.

Or it could be its own thing, who knows, i am just a fan of those moments in the diablo game and gets me thinking of them in D4.

Of course teams are busy atm and there is priority, and so hopefully something like this can be on the table for discussion for future content updates

Thanks, see you in Hell :smiley: