Itemization issues

I’ve said it since day one and I’ll continue saying it until it changes. Itemization in this game is trash. It makes switching builds difficult, it wastes our time, and ultimately isn’t fun.

  • Items are not a consistent power level. Set items to scale off level and not random ranges. Get rid of the idea of sacred and ancestral and just tie the item power level to the player level. This is easily the most infuriating part of itemization.

  • Affix bloat. Too many useless affixes means it’s incredibly difficult to look for items. Cull the affixes down to around the 10 most generally useful affixes that make it easy to switch between builds.

  • Legendary aspects are boring. They’re completely uninspired and lack any meaningful way to change how you play the game and just offer extra power. D3 had a system in place that let you choose the element and/or effect of your skills that I think would translate well to aspects in this game. Just as a quick example off the top of my head let’s take the Gravitational aspect for Sorcs. Right now it causes Ball Lightning to swirl around you and deal increased damage. This is actually one of the better aspects in the game that alter skills, but could be made much better by changing the aspect to something more interesting. I’m thinking along the lines of it creating black holes that suck enemies to the ball lightning/player (since it swirls around the player now).

  • Sifting through an inventory of yellows to look for one good item is time consuming and 99% of the time doesn’t yield something that’s even worth looking at. This would require a whole restructuring of the item systems in place and while I think yellows being good is fine, the other issues hold it back.

Every time I come back to a new season of D4, the itemization is what bothers me the absolute most about the game. It isn’t that the game is boring. It isn’t that there’s a lack of content. It’s because the itemization is trash and really kills any enjoyment I would get out of the game.


Supposed to be overhauled next season. Another loot reboot looks like it.,

wish we had a test server, and they have us 3-4 different itemization reworks to try, would be curious to see how the original Angelic/Demonic itemization would of worked, and the possibilities of like duel unique items, a angelic version and demonic version, but not just itemization its the lack of different types of items to farm, like D2 had white base items, runes, anni charm, Torches, organs, uniques, Niche magic items etc…
Also would like to test removing mats in helltides and legions and move uber bosses to NM Dungeons, Vaults and or Raids, and replace the mats in helltides with white base items and runes to grind maybe
Also could be cool to test out things like Every ten 90+ NM Dungeons you unlock a boss that has different drops then anywere else in game , maybe influenced items like you see in POE

so many cool things they can do in D4, just hope the team thinks of them

They will fix it…each game in the series has had issues with itemisation in the beginning then over time it gets better

I do not remember D1 and D2 like that at all. They were pretty good at it from release I think.

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you have to compare the launch of d4 with D3, D1 and D2 were different company back then so i wouldnt compare to them

Expectations were also way different when D1 and D2 released. No one was asking “what do I do at endgame” because back then endgame meant roll another character or play something else. The excitement was in the journey, not the destination. Nowadays players want to keep playing the same game for months and months and never get bored.

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Funny thing is people still keep playing D2, they keep doing it for years, without any specific ‘endgame’ or artificial ways to keep people playing like seasons and timegated content. And my guess is that it is almost completely thanks to the great item hunt that it delivers.


patience, it will be fixed in season 25…

My guess is it’s because of nostalgia. These are older gamers who have fond memories of the game and they get to relive those memories. Just like I keep going back to AOE2 because it was my favorite RTS that I played back in the day and I have fond memories of it. Same with Classic WOW. Release those games in today’s environment and they would be ripped apart by today’s younger gamers.

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Blizzard will never do d2 itemisation again because of the cottage industries that popped up after release like d2jsp and farmers and all kinds of shady stuff

That’s why they made the auction house in d3 which we can all agree was a massive mistake.

I think they will have to do something unique with itemisation I just don’t know how

Except will it be around long enuff to get fixed is the question? It’s not like or many others wanna stick around 4 or 5 years like Diablo 3! Most of us are going to have moved on by that time and there aren’t enuff Fanboys to keep it going after that, There are perhaps a few thousand Fanboys and that’s not sufficient for Buzzard keep this :poop: online after everyone else has left :unamused:

The whole mechanics and features built around the itemization in D2 was amazing. The expansive and unique dungeons, the complex crafting system, the unrestricted trading, it all combined and synergized great with one another despite the lack of endgame. This was the reason why i have thousands of hours in D2 over the years while in D4, which lacked all of these, i had stopped playing and uninstalled it 2 months after release.


It won’t get “fixed” because although most people agree that “itemization sucks”, if you take 10 of them and ask how itemization should look like, you’ll get 12 different responses and this thread proves that.
So come season 4, regardless of what blizzard does, most people will feel like it’s not what they wanted. If you have like 4 demands and 1 of them is met then you should be happy.

Oh, another uninformed gamer making a post about something that is allready in rework.

Imcompetant gamers all over :person_tipping_hand: so hard to look for informations on a subject before posting about it.

Gj taking 10min for writing it for no reason.

I believe that the itemization will be the removal of useless affixes, improving item-specific affixes. Why does armor have shadow damage and the glove doesn’t? 925 items also need to have a higher cap. It doesn’t make sense to change a glove to 925 just to improve armor