Item levels and Nightmare Dungeons improvement ideas?

I want to start saying congratulations on the season2, the game has improved a lot since launch and im having a lot of fun but I feel like there is a couple of things that I notice that I wish would be addressed or improve.

  • World bosses shouldn’t drop 925 items or not as many, this is a major problem that affects the grinding for finding the best loot, I think that this is too easy of a way to build a character even before reaching level 100. They are also too easy to kill. There should be only 1 item max, and maybe even 920, once a week. They can drop maybe some uniques that cant be find anywhere else and some cosmetics but reduce the amount of item level 925 or Lower that level.

  • Nightmare dungeons should have better loot rate. After reaching character level 100, with all my gear 925 that I obtained from world bosses, the grind to do higher nightmare dungeons has no value, I believe the game should implement a system like: “nightmare dungeon tier 70 drop items 870 or higher, then tier 80 drop 880 or higher and so on, to and only on tier lvl 100 that you get all your item drops 900 and some uniques or the best version of an aspect on every legendary drop” and definitely way more glyph experience, that right now is so tedious to level. Give a reason to do those dungeons and build the best character, give me a reason to kill every elite, instead of me running through it ignoring all the drops to reach the end as fast as possible because every drop is just bad. Also I think more dungeons should be straight forward, not as many objectives ones.

  • Items that are higher level in the bag should have a way to display so without me having to hover over the item, maybe a little arrow on a corner that shows that the piece would be an improvement (item level wise), equal, or less that what I currently have equipped, that way we can accelerate the process of selling and scrapping items.

  • Item affix for damage are too diverse, this should be streamline, right now there is too many making impossible to combine the right ones.

  • Aspect shouldn’t take as much space in the inventory, but this is not a game breaker. They are also hard to sort, it should sort by type, power and name

  • The new seasonal mechanics of applying sigils and leveling up vampiric power was a bit annoying (UI wise) but is ok, same as the farming the blood harvest event, fun area specially to get items fast when switching difficulty, but at level 100, there is no reason for me to go there besides to progress my seasonal mission. All the loot there is trash. (thanks to the world boss giving so high level item so fast and easy), maybe offer cosmetics or even maybe one special unique that only drops there.

  • And lastly more like an idea I think there should be a tier V difficulty, where world bosses definitely drop the highest item level (maybe 950) and the whole map now is like a nightmare dungeon lvl 120, and everything that moves can one shoot you like it was back in d2 playing in hell. I feel like this tier should be the ultimate goal and where there is more pvp and pve involvements. Give a reason to improve the character after reaching level 100 with more exclusive content oriented only for those at max level, and this should apply for seasonal and eternal characters. I feel like after reaching level 100 and since I already obtained all my highest gear prior to it, the only thing I have left is to farm uber unique (that I dont really need) and level my glyphs, so it feels very anticlimactic. Maybe even more raid oriented content that can only be done with teams, that need mechanics that has to be learn and master, since the game is already always online, that help invite collaboration, right now there is no reason to team with anyone.

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dunno i still think they should just remove item lvl completly its uneccesary
also while we are at it remove the random range for affixes like on ubers
would improve the game alot

They already have that system in place with NMDs and item power.

It’s in the original patch notes for s2.

I generally do several world boss fights a week, and I’ve only once used a 925 from it.
Did four Duriel fights and kept nothing.
Affixes > item level. Everything I’ve had has always been better. I’m mid to high 800s mostly, currently. The goal is to get 925s in every slot but if they actually make me weaker I’m not going to equip them.
What I do find fault in is that World Bosses aren’t that difficult; I rarely get hit anymore and when I do it’s recoverable. 925s.
Did a 69 NM today and got one-shotted. Did another and died a couple times. Yeah, dungeons are inherently more chaotic than a WB but I’m not even in the tiers that can theoretically drop 925s yet.

Then maybe the system they put in place isn’t having the intended effect and it needs adjustments