Is the Gauntlet finished for the season?

pretty sure the vast majority of the patch notes are bug fixes, so not saying anything about bugs in game…also rubberbanding? other than when entering a new zone like wb on horse i never have any issues with rubberbanding.

Was that a yes or a no to playing when the patch hits?

its actually 5 weeks, but thanks for proving your delusions… and my console is also up there with a different name… its another story that the pc players are more hardcore players by default

wait so you are admitting pc players are up there more, but then also claim they arent.

yet you miss my point dont you? Trying to swing it in your favour by not having any clue - that way aint working. The pc players are way more hardcore compared to console players. Compare the numbers of players playing on both platforms and you might have any idea. Then think again about what I said about rubber banding etc. and that I have played a lot on both platforms, not just sitting here to scratch my toungue like most of the ppl

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More players on console than pc atm

atm maybe but not in general

Not that the rewards are all that great but a cache is still a cache. Hopefully just a bug and a hot fix will happen to release event rewards. They still have the leaderboard up with the results so someone missed a step or an oopsie (I am leaning towards the latter).

The devs got their hands full with making sure Season 4 is spot perfect on release day to make sure it’s not like when the game first got released. So a gauntlet glitch is disconcerting but overall just a small pain the butt.

So I am just gonna go play something else until May 14th.

New sticky at the top for anyone wondering what’s going on.


Blizzard couldn’t communicate “stop” with a stop sign. I mean they COULD, but they would just choose NOT TO!

Pre-informing? You know you screwed up when you have to make up words to explain something.

You do realize this whole thread was from 2 months ago right?


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When did complaining about a game you obviously like or you wouldn’t be on the forums doing so lead to not being able to play the game?

  1. This is a necrod thread.
  2. The person I was replying to had constant complaints about the company and the game, had no hopes for the game going into S4, and clearly sounded as if they weren’t going to play.

Sure didn’t sound like they enjoyed the game at all from what I read. Not that it stops people from posting in the forum of course. As we all know people who hate the game and supposedly don’t play it, still come here to complain about a game they don’t play.

Been farming gauntlet of all activities and you think they don’t like the game? Lol, these things could be communicated better, like a warning in game on the gauntlet screen would be my first thought

Look above my reply you’re referring to, I’m not talking to the OP.

O my bad then, that msg didn’t have a reply tab and I apologize then.

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the forum mods need to add logic to forums to say anyone that doesnt have at least 1,000 posts can not reply to a post that is old than 1 month old. 2,000 posts for a 2 month old post and so on… its dumb that people necro old threads just to be funny, and these are always people with less than 100 posts

Yes it’s dumb how inconsistent these forums are when showing you who replied to who. Case in point our conversation, there’s only one arrow from your original post, none from our subsequent replies since then.

Makes no sense.

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