Imbuements/Specializations are awfully designed

Specializations are lackluster and not fun to play. If you don’t want to play with combo points, you have zero choices.

Imbuements are probably the biggest offender in the class.
I truly do not know how they were approved.

Alrite how to make imbuements actually fun and thematic:

  • Make Imbuements Auras/perma Buffs
  • Imbuements will reserve 25-30 energy per
  • Poison/Shadow Imbues damage reduced by 30-40% to account for perma
  • Cold Imbue should be able to stay the same
  • Limit 2 active Imbuements

But why do this some might ask?
So we can actually have the class fantasy/thematic ALOT of players want and have had since D2.

Anyone remember playing cold amazon builds?
Anyone remember loving the dark shadowy theme of the DH from D3?
How about a brooding assassin using poison abilities?

Currently imbues miss on every possible class fantasy imaginable.


If imbuements had been 4 casts as base, no one would have disliked them or at least it would generally have felt better. The tempers fix this issue but you end up wasting tempers for what is essentially required at least for cold builds.

Specializations are good in theory (Preparation does change gameplay) but Combo Points remains the absolute best still. The biggest offender is lack of damage aspects to make the other specializations worthwhile.


It will be less annoying with tempers, but we can put 3 tempers on for +2 casts so…8 casts total?

Idk if those tempers can be masterworked to 3 or 4 but even with 10+ casts per imbuement active, it’s still going to be an annoying maintenance buff to worry about.

“How many casts of Imbue do I have left?” will be what you are constantly thinking while playing.

Yeah 8 casts although even RF requires a unique ring so more likely 6 but honestly poison and shadow won’t have any issues since they have reset in other ways on top, it’s cold that needs to make sure has enough cd for perma cold imbue or use hectic/Yens for more casts. 2 to 8 is still a significant boost for generally all rogue builds.

You can put cast tempers on 3 equips but if your using Scoundrel’s Ring then its 2. It is only worth hitting the masterwork bonus once on the Imbue Cast affix for the +1. So you can get 6-9 additional casts for a total of 8-11 casts depedent on your build.

If your playing with 2 imbuments then you probaly should be using the rune that reduces imbuement cooldown per casts. You probaly can have near constant imbuement uptime.

Just 1 imbuement, with cooldowns, 6 additional casts should be enough for most Cold Imbuement builds to guarantee the freeze burst kill. If not, there is usually room to add 1 chilling weight temper to your build. Likewise Poison Imbuement, if not using rapid fire build with 8 casts and the occasional bursting venom leads is fairly high uptime.

Shadow Imbuement is the only one that if used as a solo imbuement may not have an easy obtainable constant output unless your using Dark Shroud and Volatile shadows.

Nightstalker/Lethal Dusk exists to lower cooldown for shadow though.

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Well there ya go. Knew I missed something.

I dunno the whole spamming cd thing just feels clunky to me, be much better if it was just on or off and then tweak the skills around that.

Current system reminds me of Vanilla wow rogue poisons. Even that got fixed in time.

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Yup, fully agree
Just make them buffs like every previous diablo game.


The only changes imbuements need is to passively add or change a % of your attack to the imbuement type when the imbuement is on your bar. That way you can actually take advantage of all the passives in the imbuement area.

Playing a rogue for the first time.

I agree on the imbue, they shoud have 1-2 more casts base line, or make them scale per skill point, forcing you to pick between putting a few skills into them or leaving them base for other abilities.

Also I think dash should not proc imbue. It is primarily used as a mobility skill and just wastes your casts.

The biggest issue with rogues seems to be the combo points. I have to attack three times with a basic skill that does nothing just to get off my regular ability. The other specialisations just seem terrible compared to this.

While the power of combo is is great, the time it takes to set it up removes probably 50% of the bonus you gain. Most other classes just go in and kill with their abilities without having this ramp up, the ramp up is tied to their main skill and happens naturally or they can set up prior to engaging.

The build up phase also puts you in a great amount of danger, the game really is not designed for this type of play and even more so with the changes to mob density. The game is now far too fast paced and kill them before they kill you which leaves little time for complex kill setups.

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Agree, they need a buff relative how OP other temper affixes are.

Trying to make Flurry Rogue work and it’s a sorry state of affairs haha.

Many things are useless for Rogue, eg. Leyrana’s Instinct, No Witnesses, Momentum,
Preparation, Inner Sight, Ultimates… etc. There’s basically only Combo Point build. I want to create an Agility or Ultimate Rogue but none of the Specialization have synergy that makes sense. There should be a fourth choice to sacrifice the Specialization (sarcasm)

So after playing the season, yeah, imbuement uptime is fine. With 7 out of 11 charges and 10% CDR you can have 100% uptime on most combo point builds. In a non combo point build getting you charges closer to 11 or increasing CDR or using Paragon abilities can easily give you 100% uptime. Poison and shadow can probaly get to 100% uptime with no cdr in a proper build.

Combo Point builds feel okayish with the imbue count affix, still turn into a maintenance buff though.
I’ve found myself endlessly running out of charges and shooting a non imbued shot just because I’m not going to train my brain to constantly be staring at an ability icon on my bar.

Imbues still cause friction within the class.

Thats like most arpgs and mmos though and near every D4 class.

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I mean in a game where skills have cooldowns, managing those is part of playing. Don’t want imbued, play Heartseeker. Don’t even need to train your brain to aim then.

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Skills with cooldowns are fine, its skill with cooldowns that require 100% uptime or you’re missing 30% of your damage and kit.
That’s the problem.

I can use Concealment and Smoke Grenade when I NEED them, not because I HAVE to.

Eh…i guess. Everyone has different playstyles, so I can only speak for myself. When doing NMD 100 or Pit60+, I am always using Smoke Grenade or a trap on the elite pack. It generally takes me 2-3 imbued skills to clear that pack, which means that I am activating Skills like Smoke Grenade more than my Imbuement.

You can make the same argument for smoke grenade, how much damage are you missing out by not having 100% uptime? It’s significant considering it provides 25%x and adds Daze which you might be running the one aspect that gives 20%x etc. Imbuements are a resource for a reason, have to solve a puzzle to get 100% uptime.

Idk I think they’re in a much better state than they were at launch though still wish it was 4 as base.