If you don't like what's happening

get a refund and /uninstall.

It’s the only way to make them stop catering to their shareholders and start focusing on stakeholders, like the player base, who got them to where they are today.

Rate the uninstall above you.


I can already see what’s going to happen:

ActiBlizz bragging about sales, lots of sellout big name reviewers at 9/10 or 10/10, and content creators singing Blizzards praises.

Reality: After the honeymoon holy hell this game needs work. And these forums will be their own inferno on launch.


Didn’t Overwatch 2 get nominated for Game of the Year? Friggin hilarious.


Boohoo, I feel so bad for loving this game now… :frowning: But it’s great, it has potential it’s rejuvenating. It’s progression to a franchise i love. Stop spending your life on the forums of a game you don’t like @furbolg, You have 204 posts in 2 days. What are you trying to do, learn to be constructive, spread some positivity even though you have a negative message. There are ways to provide feedback to a product in beta. You are obviously having trouble with that.

Proceed with life, have fun for a change.


No, I am good.

I literally hate Blizzard for what they did with WoW latest 3 expansions, but … I knew D4 will be different because the people working on it. And it is different in a very good way.

Bye and I hope you enjoyed the FREE play you had this weekend. Please take the rest of the free and doomers with you.


Wait what? Holy hell that is pure comedy. They literally just took OW and made it free to play and did some mechanics changes to classes.

take a step off your high horse, the games not what many expected and has tons of issues and unlikely to receive the revamp needed to be great at launch - this is literally a thread about refunding and you can’t resist coming in and being toxic lol

A product in ‘open beta’ that is two months from launch? Btw I’ll continue to be negative after what they did with DI and also how bad D3 was on launch and for a couple years after. Happy you’re happy tho, but I’m setting the bar very very high because Diablo fans deserve it.

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I just never played DI and never cried about it. D3 was amazing. I’ve played my bum off, and had fun doing so. Had very little issues. My life is amazing still. Look at what it did to yours… Made you all sour and salty. Why do something that makes you unhappy? You’re not setting any bars in my opinion. You’re just bantering, not being constructive and you’re making non issues, issues in my opinion.

I paid 150 dollars for it actually, but thanks for attempting to understand my situation, as craptacular as it was…

Or wait, I should say, I paid 150 dollars for it and now I am refunded 150 dollars for it. So yeah, I guess you’re right. Thanks champ! Ceeeeeeeeeeeyaaaahhhhhhhh!

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Seems like an asset to the community if you did. Probably also for your blood pressure. Just because you paid 150 dollar doesn’t mean you can spread toxicity in a beta period. Be constructive try to get improvement and maybe someone someday might listen to you.

Yes it does have issues, like…wtf? Every game out there has issues in Beta and even in the first weeks/months. Grow up already and move on if you don’t like it.

I don’t try to understand your sad face. Refund and move on.

Great! I hope they asap take away your license so that you can’t post in this forums anymore.


I read what you wrote again. I am not spreading toxicity.

I simply stated that if you don’t like it, uninstall to make positive change.

It’s not about me or why I am leaving, it’s about what you can do about it if you aren’t happy.

this is the GOTY… why uninstall???

Ok ubdont like the game and ybgetting a refund. Nothing no one can say to change ur mind i get it but what u have to say wont change other people from buying the game. Hell i dont care what streamers say dont care what reviews games get i have my own mind and i choose to buy or not is going to be decision and no one on a forum on the internet who i do not even know will change my mind either way.

I swear some people think their opinions only matter and thats it.


Yeah this MOBA game is pitiful.

Diablo is dead, you wann aARPG you gonna have to play Path of Exile.
There is nothing else…

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No, that’s just it. I have been a loyal supporter of Blizzard for 30 years. Maybe longer…

My issues are not with the game (it’s actually pretty decent for an arpg). It has more to do with the service and the decision making that manifests itself in a poor end user experience.

GL to you!

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take a step off your high horse lmfao, this is a thread - for those who are mostly considering refunding - you’re as toxic as the come, and i still sincerely hope you get to enjoy the game to its fullest.

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Unfortunately that stopped being true for the most part about 10 years ago. We hit a critical number of fools who will buy anything shilled to them. Voting with your wallet hasn’t worked in a long time. There are always a thousand willing to pay for poor service for every one person willing to take a stand. All they have to do is make products that cater to the first group and they are basically too big to fail.

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I am toxic?! Oh … you should see the others guys.

Its fine. All of you will soon disappear from this forums once the free weekend ends and only the ones owning the game will be able to post, aka this is where the feedback and i mean the feedback, will come from and no “feedback” like “OMG!! Diablo Immortal Clone” , “OMG D3 CLONE” , “OMG skillz suckzzzz” , etc …

You got the point, right?

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