If I have to play through the same starting area one more time

I am going to puke. After creating 5 chars in softcore and 2 hardcore chars, I can say with 100% confidence, that I hate running the same crap over and over again. And we are suppose to do this every season…


You Dev’s literally know D2 made this freaking franchise right? And why are we getting Diablo games that are nothing like D2 and moving father and father away from that frame work.


It’s a mystery. They had the perfect forumla and format with D2, all they had to do was open up the world and improve the graphics. They just couldn’t resist tinkering with systems that didn’t need any tinkering. Stuff like level scaling and online 24/7 are ruining this game.


There will likely be different ways to level other than doing the quests that are introduced as the game gets older

There’s no reason to develop this and introduce it yet as the questing is brand new and I’m sure they’d like people to utilize all that work

If you’re really that in love with D2 … then go play it.

Stagnation is death.


because nobody who made d2 is still working at blizzard lol, its the same as if EA would suddenly start making dark souls games. it will never be the same or as good


I hope that exploring bonuses as skill pasives etc will be acc wide across seasons. Inmagine doing them each season … ufff


Go back to D2 boy it’s still there, this game isn’t for casuals

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Who says so? you?? :joy:

The campaign will be skipable once done once, which we cant do in beta and thusly forced to redo the same steps ad nauseam.


D2 is running the same story, 3 times (once per difficulty), then running the same few areas for loot.

What game did you play?


Campaign is horrible, so much waiting for crap npc which I dont care about to speak or move.

Running the dungeons over and over is also getting old fast only after few days. This game has no depth or anything like D2.
Druid is awful and weak
Necro is cartoonish
Barb is mediocre
Rogue is mediocre
Sorc is good tho, its like only reason I wont refund and will play the game

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you spent the same time running 1000s of baal runs in super samey dungeons. Dont give me the d2 having depth bs.


Me too! I am a bit concerned about stuff like that. I have always played ladder in D2 and delete my character at the end of each season but I’m also a completionist so the aspects of this game have me a bit torn there. I hope they balance this portion nicely

you did that starting area 7 times, on 7 different characters…if you didn`t power level, how many times you would have to do all the acts on diablo 2?
3 times/char = 21 times.
who made you create 7 characters, when you can respec at will?
yeah, diablo made the franchise, but that game is 20+ years old…times change. and it was good at his time, now, not so more. no thank you to 1000 contess runs, 1million Mephisto runs or a bilion chaos sanctuary runs.

in seasons, you`re gonna do it like every 3 months, not 7 times in 4 days.

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Combat is not fun at its core, you are still resource starving on every char. Its so bad.


No, no it did not. Also, D2 is an objectively bad game by today’s standards. Your inability to cope with change doesn’t alter that reality.


D2 is still superior to D4 by big margin.

D4 is so boring after few days in beta, meanwhile D2R is still so awesome.

Will you run nightmare dungeons 10 hours a day over and over? Becouse thats hte only end game, wait for it.


All you said here is that you shouldn’t be playing RPGs. You’re literally upset that the story has story.

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I played the story twice and its horrible to wait for crap all the time, has no tempo has no fluid, only slow you down. This is not rpg this is action game like D3 twin.

The perfect formula? D2 literally didn’t have an end-game. It wasn’t designed for people to run the same crap ad nauseum for the rest of their lives. You kill Baal, the game is over. That was the original design.

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