I do not like Neyrelle. She is stealing the M.C. spotlight like Guild Wars 2 Trahaerne did

Neyrelle is one of the characters that players are introduced to in Diablo 4. Unfortunately, she is forcefully inserted into the main storyline. What seemed like performing a favor turned into the player discovering that they were the side character to a Mary Sue. She goes from knowing the exact location of the Horadrim base to suddenly performing necromancy to revive her mother who sided with a demon that OUR character knew. She also somehow dispelled a warded door casted by a powerful demon. Outside of the poor and lazy insert, the character, unfortunately, falls short in several aspects. Firstly, her backstory lacks originality and depth. She is a random child that is unafraid of demons because her mother taught her how to “survive”. Her backstory is also predictable and uninteresting, revolving around her quest for revenge against an enemy that has harmed her family.

As we continue our journey with Neyrelle, we find our playable character just a stupid brute who doesn’t understand what is going on. They need to be spoon fed and told what to do in order to continue. A sorcerer is not witty enough. A necromancer doesn’t understand why a demon would want a necromancy book instead of keeping it for themselves to gain more power. Nope, our character is a good obedient dog to a strong teen female character who has the answers to everything. I don’t mind strong female lead characters, but they have to be done right. This is not the way to write these character. The playable female character should be your strong female lead cause that’s your MAIN character. If you switch the gender of the playable character they still are the spotlight. Instead, we are seeing that the main character spotlight is being taken away and given to a Mary Sue teenage girl. I feel like this is the work of a corporate video game company. Nobody wants to argue against a “strong” female lead so they just allow the poor story to be written and pass the project. Such laziness!
Overall, Neyrelle is a disappointing character in Diablo 4’s beta. Hopefully, she leaves the story and the playable character continues being a wanderer in search of answers to Lilith. And no, I don’t want to utilize the library mary sue packed into a teenage girl who suddenly can stand against hordes of demons and ready to take on a powerful demon.


Immediately had D3 Leah vibes the moment I saw her


Is she voiced by the same voice actor as Leah? Kind sounds like her…

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Pretty sure her being the players mouthpiece was an attempt at saving on voice acting costs.

I was really afraid of a Leah 2.0
This could be even worse.


I was thinking maybe she’s what Leah could have been, in an tangential way. A tag-along aspirant to adventuring and writing down about the mystical angelic and demonic things in the world. Like following Deckard’s legacy…
Maybe she won’t die this time.

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Hey man but as the Critical Drinker says, she’s the diverse strong female character you MUST love it or be forced to love it anyways.


Unfortunately I doubt that’s the last we’ll be seeing of her or of her overshadowing us because the narrator at the end of act 1 clearly states how “Important” she is to the upcoming events even saying shes more important then us apparently which I didn’t like at all.


It’s not a fair comparison:

  • Trahaerne was introduced as an important character from the git-go in GW2 and in the command structure was the boss for our character. Story-wise, there was always a good reason we listened and obeyed him and ultimately mourned his death.
  • Neyrelle was never important and I can’t wait for her to die.

Knew the moment I saw her exactly how the rest of the act would play out. And I can guess with pretty good certainty how future acts will play out regarding her. It’s such a tired trope at this point, blizzard has one move and they play it over and over and over in every game.


This is the best you’re gonna get because Blizzard doesn’t know how to write good female characters. I can’t name a single good female character that they have written, ever.

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This is a constant problem with Blizzards terrible storytelling and poor game design.

You, the player, the one who pays for the game, are rarely the main character. You are so often just an observer of the story and Blizzards pet NPC is the main character.

Video games present a unique opportunity not present in other forms of storytelling, like novels and movies, to make the “reader” or in this case player, the main character.
But Blizzard refuses to take advantage of this. They’d rather create a story for their own favorite NPC’s than create one for you.

It’s so frustraiting.


Sylvanas in the Warcraft TFT era. Not the idiotic psycopath she become in wow.

Eh I doubt she is going to be like Leah. I actually liked Leah, it is to bad she was just being used.

edit: Nyrelle is probably going to have a role to play, but we drank the blood of Lilith so there is that.

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That’s the thing with Blizzard. Whenever they make one that isn’t trash, they turn it into trash as time goes on.

Chromie had a charming personality that was always a joy to enjoy but in DF they went full woke on her but wait you can’t say “her” anymore yeah full cringe…

I think Magpie is voiced by Taeko-3 from Destiny 2 Savathun’s Song strike.

“We came here as a squad of 9. Got picked off 1 by one. Watched a wizard rip the Light out of my best friend.
Embrace the Praxic fire”.


I don’t consider her a Mary Sue, nor us a side character to her from what we have seen in act 1.

All she did was open a few doors and play support for our characters. She knew where the Horadrim base was located, but could not get there without us, she was trapped in the mist.

She learned to open doors with her magic but it was us who killed the demons and gained the blessing needed.

From what we have seen so far she’s a supportive side character that helped you out with magical door-opening stuff your character might not be able to do themselves. Sounds like she will have an important role later on in the story too.

The player character seems special too perhaps if the wolf saved us and has such an interest in our character. Personally, I would prefer it if we were less special. I hate always being the chosen one in every game. I want my character to become awesome and special through their own effort, with no special powers only they have or a destiny that leads them and the other cliche stuff.

With TES: Oblivion as an example I loved being a normal (but still badass), person while poor Martin was the chosen one who gets to sacrifice himself. We still got our statues, titles, and other rewards for being awesome and our actions but no dragonborne BS and shouts were needed.

You have a personality issue prompting you to make things up and now warped in that delusion; you goes on seeing things that don’t even exist or supposed to be the way you are describing it.

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As long as she doesn’t start asking me what fear tastes like, it’s all good.

Neyrelle reminds me of the girl, Kwan Ha Boo (?), from the Halo series and even sounds like her too for some reason. I’m not a fan of Neyrelle because it just seems like she was just dropped in. We need a Deckard Cain person but not really into the other dude who makes me pay for his crap and then takes off.