Here's why we need to remove or increase tempering reroll limit

I am building a Cold Rapid Fire Rogue. I got the perfect amulet with Dmg, GA AtkSpd, and Frigid Finesse. However, it took 3 reroll attempts to get Crit Dmg. And with the remaining 2 rerolls, I was never able to get the Cold Imbue Count+, and got Poison Imbue instead. Turned the perfect amulet into a total disappointment.

Definitely not only applies in this situation. I also had 3 perfect crossbows with 2 GAs. And I couldn’t roll that Rapid Fire x2 affix from tempering. I kept getting Twisting Blades. lmao

Yes, the solved the oversupply of gold. But now we have an oversupply of tempering materials. We stopped hoarding items in the stash for aspects, but now, the stash is full of failed tempering items that we just might somehow consider to use in the next months.

Honestly I always roll imbue first, if it lands at +1 my element, I just stay with that. Tempering is rough at times.

Tempering is a drop mechanic, not a crafting mechanic. Every item that drops is 3/5 filled in.

What you got is 3/5 of a perfect amulet. The odds of getting a perfect 5/5 amulet are going to be low, and this is by design. It is still vastly better odds to get a 5/5 amulet this way than if all 5 affixes were generated on drop.


What the above post said.

Basically, bricking items through tempering feels bad, but it’s actually better than the alternative of having 4 affixes (that legacy items used to be) that need to roll well.

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