Help to understand impact of Dexterity to DMG

Hi Rogues, help me understand a few things about how the damage formula works in Diablo 4.

Until now I had understood that the main characteristic (Dexterity for us) was a separate bucket, to be multiplied by the weapon’s damage and all the other factors, in particular every 100 points in Dexterity = 10x more damage.
The “offensive power” statistic, however, receives a much greater increase from affixes such as +90% damage (e.g. Bow) rather than from +130 Dex.

Now, “attack power” is a very imprecise indicator but if the +90% affix is ​​additive damage and the +130 Dex affix is ​​a 13x multiplicative, should it be better to go for Dex? Thanks for your help.

Dexterity is its own bucket: Every 1,000 dexterity gives you 100% more damage, or in other words 1,000 dexterity doubles your damage, 2,000 damage triples your damage.

The “+90% damage” stat goes in the large additive bucket which you may already have 1500+% of, so adding 90% more on top of say +1500% is an increase from 16.00 to 16.90 = 5.625% increased damage.

Where as in the same 2-handed slot you can get +270 dexterity, which is much better for your damage, but also adds to your chance to dodge.

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