Helltides suck bad now

I’m not a fan of the backtracking but I don’t mind some level of variation beyond “kill map boss”. I think if some of the more tedious dungeons were streamlined so you didn’t have to micromanage running only tier S thru B dungeons from a maxroll tier list then it would be fine (for me).

Agreed, I also just did a WT4 one, opened 5 chests and only got one legendary total, an ancestral that was useless from them, and a single random scared from the HT MoBs.

I usually get 3 Legendary from the mystery chest and one from each regular helltide chest. Might be a coincidence but after the hotfix patch last night the drops for me were worse. I had two out of five regular chest that only dropped a rare. I opened one mystery chest and still got 3 legendary. Got a couple decent aspects but the stats on all of them sucked.

Or the limited pool of nightmare dungeons. I’m bored of them and the monster sets are locked and the layouts are static so there’s zero variety.

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Bro, it’s D4. Everything “sucks bad now”, oh wait, it always did, LOL

Just in case someone missed it- you can’t target farm uniques at helltides anymore. For example chest armor chest can drop unique gloves.

HOTFIX 2 - July 7, 2023 - 1.0.4 - Console Discussion - Diablo IV Forums (blizzard.com)

Gameplay Changes

  • Helltide Chests will now have the chance to drop any Unique and not be restricted to specific item slot limitations from any ches

Yep. Sigils should be separate from dungeons and let the player transform any dungeon they want into a nightmare version. But I guess it would be “too much difficult” for the actual team to do that.


I never have an “omg” moment with chest loot, so I’m mainly there for mats.

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I usually only open mystery chests (4 per helltide) and I always find 3 or 4 legendaries per chest.

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just did another helltide and yeah i got 4 legendaries from the mystery chest (i didnt open any others) couldnt find a chest to save my life for the 2nd time so 290 shards went poof lol

The non mystery chests appear on the map. You’re actually not the first person I see saying that they couldn’t find a chest. How?

Just be sure to invite a newb into a group hand your gold off when you do get to that point. Please no need to make an Airport anouncment at the same time.

Probably because the hot fix needs a hot fix. They have really been dropping the ball lately.

So, why do they suck now, and they didn’t suck before?

Good ideaid have a small, “oh sweet” moment if i could drop one pair of chill boots to try. My friend has had like 6 pair. All i get are mother’s embrace and sweet dagger vender trash for my bow build.

Helltide rewards have always been sub-par for me…lotta yellows. Just another example of how Blizz just doesn’t reward gameplay.

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So I’m not the only one that’s noticed the loot in Helltides is WAY worse. After opening many chests in HC WT3 I’ve been getting utter garbage compared to before the patch. The one that I really noticed was Forgotten Souls. They’ve suddenly became extra rare… I used to get 3-4 every Helltide… after 6 Helltides since the patch I’ve managed to get 7. In 6 events… usually opening 2 or 3 chests and which means killing hundreds of monsters. What the hell did they do? I’m convinced they messed up the drop rate but getting Blizzard to admit they screwed up unless a Twitch streamer finds an exploit is basically impossible.

simple… you have 2 minutes left, you have 250 shards… you are in a panic mode trying to teleport/run search for the next mystery chest as you already opened one… whoa a treasure goblin!.. oh crap mini boss… 1minute 12 seconds left… i think a mystery chest could spawn over here… RUUUUUUUUN… crap horse stuck on a pebble, crap knocked off the horse 36 seconds left!!! RUUNNNNNNN… i think the mystery chest might be there but now im in the middle of nowhere, ill open any chests i can see… (M)ap… crap the closet one is 29seconds away 12seconds left… arggggghh…

thats how

3 secs left… the barindicator to open the box is at 98% when a small stone hits you thrown by a tiny giggling trashmobboy interrupting your process and the doombringer stays in the box :heart:

Yeah today i got like 1 ancestral in a chest and 2 weak elixirs and all kind of useless drops, barely any drop tbh, surely nerfed wth… First time i got so many dead chests from helltide