Hell Mode - Solo Story (Tier 5) - Resetting Story with lvl 175+ mobs

A lot of people here are screaming for a Tier 5. We need it… badly.

However, I’d like to take it a step further and request the following:

Normal (Tier 1)
Veteran (Tier 2)
Nightmare (Tier 3)
Torment (Tier 4)
Hell (Tier 5)
Hell Solo Story (Tier 5)

Hell Solo Story would reset ALL story and quests. You keep your gear and character, but play through it against mobs that start at level 175+. It’s such a fun story. The problem is that it’s just so easy. I would love for the story to be challenging. Perhaps making progression be something as difficult as AoZ from Season 2. I don’t know…

Rewards for completion could be Titles / Mounts / Cosmetics.

Fun thought!

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I have a question or two, do people want World Tier 5 just because it would be an increase in difficulty? Does a new Tier of gear also drop in World Tier 5?

Its an interesting Idea to have a more “challenging” story because yes it was pretty easy to complete.

I personally want T5 for the challenge. This tier shouldn’t be for everyone. It should be for the dedicated / daily players. Once people get their gear / build set, the game just becomes too easy. Boringly easy, really.

Rewards for Tier 5? Hmm. I wouldn’t say new item power or anything. Perhaps something like this:

All drops are 925
Higher chance to get Uber Uniques
Higher chance to get Regular Uniques
Cosmetic Armor Sets that can drop in T5, e.g., Helm, Chest, Boots, Gloves, Pants.
“Uber Rare” Cosmetic set: A set where each piece is about as rare as the current Uber grind, but can drop from any Uber Boss. If you complete the set, you get a glowing aura or something.
Weapon Cosmetics
Horse Cosmetics

I know that if they just increase the Item Power, people will eventually be calling for a T6. Tier 5 should be extremely difficult. Rewards that are unique to T5 should be strictly “show off” items.

I would have to agree T5 would be good for the challenge. Also i feel the same about the item power, leave as is because you are correct if it increases, people will indeed ask for WT6, 7, 8 etc…

Including better drop chances for gear in the more “difficult” tier would be beneficial for those up for the challenge. I also do like the fact you mention Uber Rare cosmetics that is pretty interesting and would be on board for that. Im curious as to why they don’t have more these “cosmetics” that drop. I know there are select ones that drop from goblins / bosses but would be nice to see some added.

I was honestly shocked that the Lunar Event had a new type of “Tattoo / Markings” for the character, but that is a whole other topic to discuss lol.


This would contradict the entire point of having a new tier. If you can get a new item type (like Ancestral) with higher stats, all the difficulty would be gone again in the new tier. Just like it is in WT4. Then they’d have to create another tier with another item type. Repeat infinitum.

He already stated that. Read more.

Everytime I see a WT5 suggestion post it just shifts the issues we have in WT4 up a power level.

They need to fix stuff in WT1-2 before adding anything else. The endgame loop sucks so much because the rest of the game sucks. Itemization is holding it back, and some way to find groups / clans in game.

The other tiers are completely fine. What are you talking about?

No he didn’t. Read the post I replied to.

You ever play grim dawn 3 times over?

yea because the game forces you to when progressing. Around level 75 you swap to Elite and have to do the story over again, same with ultimate. Great game but dumb progression path.

You can’t have a higher difficulty level without some way to increase the power of your character. AoZ if nothing else showed that. When first released almost no one could do just the equivalent to 4 levels above t100, let alone unlock the glyph that would enable going higher. Gear alone won’t do it, especially since the characters that don’t have any challenge currently already have the pretty much the best the game has to offer.

Are you sure you read it? Because to me it seems like you didn’t… (AHEM) “If it increases, people will indeed ask for WT6, 7 8 etc…”

The part where I said IF it increases that does bring into the account that in a newer world tier they would either increase the item power of ancestral items and or introduce a brand-new type of items beyond ancestral.

I read it, I was replying to a previous post of yours before reading that one. But anyway, it would be pointless to have new items in another tier if they are related to power. But Blizzard seems set in their ways and follows a pattern, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did add a new tier with a new item type, only to run into the same issue again.

You missed the part about OP wanting “a challenge”.

How about a NMD of some kind where your char gets all gear stripped away, followed by maniacal laughter and then you face these 175+ monsters with maybe a pillar in an enclosed space you can run circles around constanly?

what t5 can bring to the game?

from my pov absolutly nothing. And if they will add higher ilvl at t5 that only means another useless power creep.

Well see that’s the thing about discussions. If you venture reading further, you would have seen the answer already. But that’s all besides the point really, because yes you are correct they do seem to be in their set ways, and I wish they weren’t.

Here is the thing though that has worried me a lot about the upcoming expansion. The Max Level right now is 100. Sure they could increase that level which in turn grants more paragon points. But I don’t feel we need a new “max” level. Frankly I’ve never been a fan of paragon, they could have easily got rid of paragon entirely in D4 and fleshed out the skill trees better so these “skill points” could reflect a skills powers and passives.

Ssure they do… until they get it, then they cry about it being too difficult. All these players that claim to blow through t100’s (probably skipping 75%+ of the dungeon) and lilith etc, find out quick their toon isn’t as buff as they thought.

Be careful of what you ask for.

Players are already whining with Corpse Bows. Skipping at affixes like Stormbane’s Wrath, Drifting Shade, Blood Blisters, etc. Also whining with level 154 Butcher and level 154 Son of Malphas.

If that is granted, there’s no turning back. I am game for it though. But I would imagine the whinings including you.

I whined a bit about AoZ because that was a different type of difficulty.

Grind a zone over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over for one stupid glyph. After getting it to 200, then you can proceed.

The above isn’t difficult; it’s lazy and annoying.

The glyph is irrelevant, people wanted more difficult content something to challenge them… they got it and the whining started immediately.