Heartseeker massive nerf

Patch notes says this (below) legacy affix got “fixed”. I hear it’s a massive nerf to Heartseeker build. Anyone has any details?

  • Lucky Hit: Up to a X% Chance to Make Enemies Vulnerable for 2 Seconds.

Would not suprise me if they nerfed it.

That’s not the only way to apply Vulnerable. I don’t even use that affix and have gotten to Pit 101.

I don’t notice any difference.
Everything below 100 is 3-3.5 minute farming.

Im skeptical how it would be a massive nerf. Maybe in pushing where it takes you 8+ seconds to kill a mob there may be a 2-3 attacks before it procs again, but I don’t see how that’s a major dropoff in DPS.

This nerf wouldn’t make a huge difference. The exploit glyph will still apply the initial vulnerable, and heartseeker should be able to continue to apply vulnerable going forward with this affix even with this nerf.

Yeah, I double checked my skills and paragon board last night (following Sanctum’s guide on mobalytics) and the build still feels strong. Did fast 95, had no problems applying Vulnerable.
So, dunno. Maybe this is something more noticeable on 110+ or it’s a nothin’burger.

there is an affix that apply vulnerable to all mobs anyway. Accursed Touch affix.

Yeah, that’s not a solution. You’re just trading DPS for Utility. Accused doesn’t buff damage.

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It literally enables more vulnerable damage. If that is more than some other asspecked depends on other factors. Most of the “damage” options have conditionals, so pick the one that spends more time online.

Accutsed Touch makes enemies vulnerable and vulnerable enemies take 20x more damage from all sources. how this is not damage?

So below is the copy/paste description of the Accursed Touch aspect:

“Up to a 35.0% chance for your Skills to inflict Vampiric Curse on enemies. Enemies afflicted with Vampiric Curse are also Vulnerable. Vampiric Curse’s stored souls deal 50.0% increased damage.”

So…where’s that 20X more damage?

I think you don’t understand what the conversation is about. HS Rogue was already proc’ing Vulnerable with Lucky Hit, so it didn’t need Accursed Touch. Lucky Hit mechanic was enough to consistently proc it. This meant you would run Rapid or Inner Calm or Concussive etc. Well, now you have to give up an aspect to run Accursed Touch, and that means you have to give up one of the DPS aspects.

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enemies are also vulnerable. vulnerable enemies take 20x more damage.

yes, I think the same, you do not understand what the conversation is about. the discussion was of affix “chance to make enemies vulnerable” is nerfed can affect Heartseeker build which rely on constantly applying vulnerable. I responded that even without that general affix the Acursed Touch can be used.
e.g. I used it even without a vulnerable build, because enemies take 20x more damage.

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It’s more noticeable against anything that takes longer to die. I tried switching to Accursed but feels the same so I guess, whatever.

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Wudijo basically confirmed what I thought may be the case for really high tiers where there will be gaps where your vuln will fall off. Still wouldnt classify it as a major nerf though. Something he brought up that I didnt consider is that outside of optimize builds, some casual Heartseeker players may feel nerfed since they don’t have as much LHC, Attack Speed, or double cast.

I cant say wheter its great or nah as I play RF Victimize with Cold Imbuement constantly proccing my vuln which resuls in me not caring about other vuln sources; but Wudi personally found Accursed Touch better for himself in higher pits.

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It’s not really true though. When I theorised and wrote the guide on heartseeker victimise before season 4 even launched, the expectation was that vulnerable would last for 2 seconds anyway and based on how often we’ll be hitting with heartseeker, 2 seconds is absolutely plenty, 3/4 seconds is over the top.

The point is enemies are vulnerable without accursed touch anyway. Whether you use accursed touch or lucky hit vulnerable has little impact on vulnerable uptime, where as using accursed touch is a DPS loss since you lose a damage aspect.

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