Governing stone drop rate change?

I’m on my 4th character, and it appears/feels like the drop rate of governing stones has diminished. Is it just my experience on this character, or has there been a change (informed or otherwise)?

I have 2 lvl 7 gov stone, 5 lvl 6, and lower.

But I have 21 lvl 10 tuning stones (all the legendary ones included), 3 lvl 9’s, and below. (missing the unique ones still).

Does this seem a bit skewed? Just my rnd luck or are others seeing similar recently?

I just use caches for 200 stones on alts (from the Jeweler).

Caches don’t drop duplicates if you have lv 10 stones - so you always get a stone you can use. Just pick up the stones before opening your next one.

I don’t know why that same coding can’t be used at the end of NMD or Malphas. Nothing worse than getting a dullicate stone when you have some less than max.

Didn’t know that, thanx. Think I have 200k stones so should be able to finish them off.

About 90% of my drops are duplicates as they are almost all tuning, and I’m nearing completion. I’d answer the first question but then I’d likely be banned so I’ll leave it up to your imagination about my opinion on that.

Oh - they are difficulty locked. So you can’t use caches to get the super strong powers in WT1/WT2. But if you’ve unlocked WT4, you should be good to go!

Just watch the iron usage. I completely ran myself out of iron on an alt and I couldn’t upgrade anything for awhile.

Yeah it had nothing to do with difficulty lock. I’ve been running NM Vaults 74-79 for a while to level up my glyphs. When I noticed the disparity between governing and tuning stones. Just thought I’d ask since it appears very very skewed.

Yeah I noticed that as soon as I went to buy some. 150K (yeah it wasn’t 200k like I had thought) stones, 38K iron. I immediately thought… Whoa! need to be careful here.

Each cache takes only 20 iron chunks to craft so you will be fine. That’s enough for at least 4 alts.

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