Gold Dupe massive exploite

You can sell 8 uniq 2-hand wepons with bonus season 15%
8 * 479 550 = 3 836 400 gold
after respec 4 time bonus 120 000
and buyout back per 417 000 per item
8 * 417 000 = 3 336 000 gold

3 836 400 - 120 000 - 3 336 000 = 380 400 pure dupe gold in 30 clicks.

QA are you srsly?!


I confirm, the problem still exists

I wouldn’t suggest abusing this if you read this post. Pretty sure Blizzard monitors everything and they would notice massive gold gains. Lets just remember that they knew exactly how many people have gotten shakos during the helltide chest bug.

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Wait you have to respec 4 times? Is there some kinda bonus with vendors when respecing?