Game hangs at loading after patch

This is a disgrace, I can’t enter the game, is anyone interested?

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oh my goodness it is madding that it does this i spent the entire day yesterday trying to login.

Well, Microsoft did acquire Blizzard … while I also am a Windows PC user, all I can say is 'nuff said …


I can concur with the dstorage.dll and dtoragecore.dll issue. I replaced both my files with the latest version from Nov 2023 and I no longer freeze after 10 minutes of playtime. I was always able to login but would freeze in game shortly afterward. awesome t/s to OP

I know its repetitive at this point but I am also freezing regularly at the log in screen. My first freeze was actually at the Blizzard logo on launch. Its like the patch reverted the game to its release date state where it was freezing constantly.

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How about Microsoft/Blizzard refund everyone’s money that is being affected by the latest patch disaster.

What do You people think?


SOLUTION: I can verify that renaming the file as suggested above works. I can now start the game in full screen mode without hanging.

1. Go to the Diablo 4 directory.
2. Make a copy of the file dstorage.dll and put it in a temporary folder for safe keeping.
3. Rename the file “dstorage.dll” to “dstorage.dll.bak”

The game now loads perfectly and I haven’t had an in game crash or freeze in 90 minutes of play testing.


Had the same issue.

For whatever reason, I logged into D2 and immediately logged back out - and after that, I was successful in logging into D4 again.

Don’t know why - but that’s what finally worked for me.

Same here, also does the same thing sometimes after porting to a new zone. Seems to be a zone loading issues rather than a game loading issue.

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This worked for me! The dll thing. I haven’t played long enough yet to comment on stability but I have at least gotten INTO the game. Thanks to you and the others that brought up this workaround.

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Exact same issue. Hope the devs are seeing this.

i hope they tell exactly what caused this for many people. im curious because it works fine for me and im usually the unlucky type :wink:

downgrade your settings to minimum and then work your way up until it freezes again so then you will know your pc its limits.

Thanks for this! This worked on my Windows 11 device :slight_smile:

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I checked the Event Viewer and Reliability History in Windows and here’s what I found:

Level: Error
Description: The program Diablo IV.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Security and Maintenance control panel.

There’s a bunch of these that corresponds when the game hanged at the Blizzard screen.

Reliability History shows that Diablo IV hanged 15x today for me. I’m not counting yesterday.


A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.
Faulting Application Path:	E:\Games\Diablo IV\Diablo IV.exe

Problem signature
Problem Event Name:	AppHangB1
Application Name:	Diablo IV.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp:	65b81aae
Hang Signature:	1bd5
Hang Type:	134217728
OS Version:	10.0.22631.
Locale ID:	1033
Additional Hang Signature 1:	1bd58843cd1290585a58a24fad820409
Additional Hang Signature 2:	adfb
Additional Hang Signature 3:	adfb4cf1160ec0b819d74b4c9a48fbf3
Additional Hang Signature 4:	1bd5
Additional Hang Signature 5:	1bd58843cd1290585a58a24fad820409Additional Hang Signature 6:	adfb
Additional Hang Signature 7:	adfb4cf1160ec0b819d74b4c9a48fbf3

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID:	fb7d726ed2b2e9683de0cf959d656a28 (2152948863380843048)

Don’t know if it will help, but the few times I have been able to get into the game. Town portal locks it up everytime…

So I replaced the v1.0.2 Direct Storage DLLs with the v1.2.2 files from the Microsoft DirectX developer blog last night, and the game worked as it should have. But the strange thing was, even though I was able to play through multiple login / logoff sessions last night, when I came back to the game this morning, the Bnet client showed [Update] instead of [Play]. After a very brief updating, I hit [Play] and the game got stuck at the same place as before.

When I went to check on the Active Storage DLLs again, they have been reverted back to the problematic old v.1.0.2 version. :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming: Replacing the DLLs again would probably work, but then the Bnet client will probably backdate the DLLs to the old version again.

Get your act together, Blizzard! A readily available solution is already there. You just have to package it with your current build.

They never say “we messed up”. There was a thread at the very beginning with thousands of posts of people that have their temp going crazy, CPU fans busting and stuff and they never said there as some issue. It was like ‘‘must be your hardware’’, lol i bought new laptop just to play this, imagine the level of disappointment.


I just built a gaming PC last month (a big step up from Xbox Series X). One thing I noticed with this game is every time I boot it up, my CPU fans start roaring as if it’s ready to go from 0 to 1000 mph on a race track. My CPU temps spike up to 75 C.

After I login to the game, fans suddenly throttle down and noise levels become normal (quiet) and my CPU is back to 50 C. When I play games like Last Epoch, Tekken 8, Counter Strike 2, these fan throttling and CPU temps never happened (never noticed them).

Also I play everything in max settings (why else have a good gaming rig, right?), Diablo 4 eats up all my 24 GB of VRAM from 7900 XTX. The other games they barely hit 12GB.

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How long do I need to wait for game to be stable again for pc users? It’s about 7 hours away from being 24 hours. Being a retired person with a lot of time on my hands and I want to enjoy this game. I would ask for my money back but I know that won’t happen. Not very good management of game if you ask me. Do you people even care about your player base or just the money you’ve made off us???

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