Game flow and Uber recommendations

Blizzard, going out on a limb here and probably going to get skewered but I feel there are really strong base mechanics for the game. I do enjoy that I can level a character to OP and cruise through the farming aspect of the game, I do not want an overly casual game with overly high drops but there doesn’t seem to be a great flow and the reward to effort ratio and the endgame feels disjointed.

Personally I would love to see all end game bosses bumped to 100, then tie their play together. Duriel requires 1 mat from three lesser bosses who are tied to endgame activities. Beast in Ice (ties nicely to running nightmare dungeon’s), Grigore (hell tides), and Varshan (whispers). Both Beast in Ice and Grigore make sense on their drops, speed run a dungeon get your distilled fear go kill the beast bonus (level your glyph). Helltide with a good farming toon, 10 to 15 mins per chest of steel, 1 chest = one dead Grigore. Varshan is out of wack and a whisper should drop the mats required don’t over think here, (malignant heart cool reference to season 1). WT3 all three of these are available so players new and old can master their mechanics and farm build defining uniques to get to WT4.

So here is the kicker in WT4 these three can all drop an Ubers, current Duriel drop rate of 2% and 925 gear (Uniques and rares), now I have a reason to farm across all three, getting rewarded with high power gear and build breaking Uber opportunities (Ties to high level gauntlet and pushing NMD). Even efficiently farming at best still looking at 30 to 45 mins across three bosses. Duriel make a 110 character (now i need to have leveled my character to 100, yes there will be out whack builds that can go earlier but i feel this is better balance), also Fire damage, as of right now just need poison, lighting, and cold resistance to navigate bosses. Given the new difficulty throw in an Uber drop rate of 10% and in addition he now drops (blood petals which grant you access to Lilith once a week (no idea the right number here) and she is guaranteed to drop a single Uber and a new mat “Favor of Lilith” in season.

Now why the favor, rather then revert to a D3 model horadric cube which I feel is what is being teased, make beating Uber Lilith worth it with a huge reward. With Uber crafting now in the game allow players to carry over all Ubers to next season (this way your resplendent sparks required you don’t need to adjust from 5 which unless I have multiple 100s of hours each season I’m not going to see ever) and let the player designate one a Favor of Lilith (back to that endgame boss) which makes one of those Ubers available at full power tier 1 next season. Let the Favor of Lilith to allow an additional aspect to be imprinted, this way there is reason to weigh something like HC vs other Ubers , example SoA or Grandfather with double (maybe triple since it’s Ubers) your aspect power suddenly means I’m going to want to think on this.

As for the seasonal boss referencing reward vs time spent on season 3 I think seven cores was a little too much, 4 felt like right amount or allow shattered stones to craft ingenous cores as once you max out your stones. Going forward this lets the seasonal boss stand alone, drop its own unique rewards, and not take away from the game experience.

IMO, Now you’ve created a better loop that is inclusive of all the endgame activities, upped the reward for time spent which should encourag more NMD and hopefully Gauntlet pushing while not taking away the grind. I know this is just my two cents on how the game could tie better together with farming actually rotating you through the various endgame aspects. Now everything is tick and tied, I have reason to go after Lilith season to season, and this is no longer a farm Duriel experiment.

For reference I have over 100 hours each season and the intro months.

I have just as much reading this thread. Can you give a tl;dr?

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The dumbing down of people is real.

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The lack of a sense of humor is real, too.

I thought the hyperbolic “spent 100 hours reading” would be a giveaway to the deadpan, but I suppose not…

I laughed for sure, sorry probably far to long a reply but rather then just complain on these forums figure might as well offer a perspective. TL:DR the game is disjointed in the endgame better ways to tie endgame bosses, Ubers, seasonal content to encourage players to push higher and harder