Game crashing when trying to look at stats and materials

Hello, has anyone else had this issue while playing on Xbox, whenever I click the left stick in trying to look at my stats and materials my game crashes and closes out back to my home screen, should I try reinstalling the game?


Had it happened to me once and it has fix itself, so I don’t know what cause it before the big update. The question I will ask is does it keep happening, one time issue, or happens every now or then? If it’s, onetime thing there’s no worries but if it’s the other two you should reinstall the game to see if that’s works. Need more info there’s support articles on how to troubleshoot you can find this in technical support section of one of those blue pins.

I just purchased this game a couple days ago. It happens to me everything i press the left stick… prob 20 times now… I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game and it still doesn’t work.

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I have the same issue.
I googled it and it says that it could be overheating, restart this and restart that but it doesnt work.

Please fix this!!
This is definitely a dev problem that they should fix!