Funny how all the streamers are playing

Blizz, aka LackaVision, is trying to make sure streamers are happy because happy streamers say nice things and it causes people to buy the game. It would not hurt my feelings to see this company go belly up. In order for that to happen, people would have to stop giving them money for shoddy service. Isn’t going to happen.

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It is also hell of a lot easier to plan and scale-up because you know how many people bought the game AND you have their money. There is no excuse for a queue. Bugs, yes, but not a queue. They should have built out the infrastructure to meet the known demand.


Had me in the first half.

The solution is simple, stop watching streamers giving them money. Those babies ruin games by spamming clickbait videos every time, plus they rant when something is not on their way. The game has issues? yes. But if you boicott those streamers and play your own damn game on your own damn pace, that doesn’t add anything to your life. People need to start showing power with their wallets instead of reverting to some loser streamers


I was watching Shroud sit in a queue after getting kicked out of the game just like everyone else.

I mean, I suppose it is possible that Blizz didn’t give Shroud the super streamer priority access.

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You are not living in 1950’s you know. There are more than one court in the world. Some laws don’t allow scamming people with false advertisement and have serious actions against that such as banning the game services of a company from a country. Besides, getting to court once more would be the least desired situation Blizzard would want. Company lost too much blood because of latest scandals before Microsoft acquisition.

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I literally watched a streamer log in with no que time.


Well seeing as no one was scammed and there was no false advertising, yeah it would be thrown out lightning fast.

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As a freebie code scrub, I think I agree with you!
Horribly ‘managed’ by Blizzard - as though that’s in any way surprising!

All people has prepurchased the preordering beta so where is your point?

Yep, was queued 107 minutes disconnected at 71 minutes then now 78 minutes, I do hope they extend beta, not much of a beta I did pay extra for this earlier weekend. Won’t be happy if I spend more time in a queue the playing.

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Funny how i was playing about 15 mins after the game opened up and i dont even have a twitch account.

You were too slow. Deal with it.

Im gonna go take a nap after i make another thread with actual feedback.

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I also got in within 3 sec wait time on first try. Game crashed at char lvl 6 afterwards, 34 min queue left. But I prepared dinner in that time and watching stream now. :slight_smile:

Got to lvl 6 and crashed 64 min queue

i am streaming and not able play got the 316719 error on char pick screen

you do that cool guy cant wait to read your insightful swill

It’s odd, some people (streamers that I can see) are nearing level 20 while the majority of people can 't get in long enough to get past level 5.


Plus the game is running smooth as hell for them. Then again they probably have really good PC’s.

Just sat in que for a second time for 78 mins to be met with a new error at login … I realize this is a beta at this point, but this isn’t even a full fledged beta.


I’m not a streamer, been playing for hours, and the game is perfectly smooth for me other than some of the network bumps we’ve all been experiencing. I’m at level 10 now. They’ve stated they’re working through queue and other server related issues. I don’t there’s any more to it than that.