Funny how all the streamers are playing

There are a bunch of streamers with thousands of viewers like Zizaran in queue.

Streamers are getting kicked and having to re queue. Just watched shroud do it.


This is true. I have played indie games with less issues.

Que time matters when you were already in and it kicked ya out! It’s like getting on a rollarcoaster, never getting to ride, then getting told to go back to the end of the line to try and ride again :smiley:


streamer queue in every game aware

And still no word from blizzard. Are there issues? is this intended for a test? any communication at all?

Quin69 has 34k viewers right now and hasn’t played for damn near an hour.

Obviously its easier to server few 1000 people than 10s of millions.

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And about 100x less players trying to connect. Compare apples with apples…

Blizzard is a multi billion dollar company that has games that have had over 10 million players. They have solid numbers for this weekend. People had to pay to play this weekend. You can’t tell me blizzard does not have these stats. An indie game has none of this. they are flying blind yet; they tend to do better keeping it together than a billion dollar company that knows the demand of their game. So yes serving 1000 is easier than 10million but if you know you are going to have a set number trying to log in then you make damn sure your servers are ready to accept them.


yup, I put my arteries on the line for Diablo.

If anything we are MORE deserving of it than most


They’re not though actually, plenty of big streamers are stuck in the queue.
But even if they give favor to asmongold for example who literally has 90k viewers right now - I think that is fine because if people are going ot be in queue anyways why not at least let people watch their favorite streamers while waiting.


Ya because thats what people paid for. To watch their favorite streamer play while you sit in queue. Great logic


Wish i could <3 this post 1000x so true


People paid for a game that they’ll play in June and to get early access to a beta. Beta’s have issues exactly like this so yes this is what they paid for you goofball.

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lol look at you a good little blizzard apologist. Please make more flaccid excuses for your inability to see whats going on.

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Conspiracy theory nonsense?

I see that pretty clearly already.


You mean they’re actually doing what GGG got caught red handed at doing? Its pretty common to give those that promote your product to get benefits like tuned RNG and cutting in line.

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its always like this its just not just beta. D3 D3 XPAC all craps SERVERS enough is enough this game cost 100 dollars ill be getting a refund


Rhykker is in queue waiting to get in, so not true.