Funny how all the streamers are playing

I guess my $70 wasnt good enough for acti/blizz. I guess i’ll just be happy with my 105 minute wait time. Thanks for showing your true colors that you cater to streamers over your base.


I agree and think that a class action lawsuit should be filed against them for allowing such gross negligence on their part by allowing certain people to be able to play the game but not others. I paid for ultimate edition and get nothing, streamer gets gifted the game by blizzard and playing without a care in the world.


Was playing for about 30 minutes. then disconnected to character select. In a queue with 50 minutes, waited 48 of those minutes. then disconnected. now in queue for 106 minutes. Im kinda bummed but also understand its a beta, and everyone and their mom is loggin in right now.


Please, I beg of you, do this. Get this ball rolling. I want to see if you can set the record for fastest case thrown out of court.


They aren’t. If you initially got in and immediately reset the game when you disconnected, then you are either back in or less than 10.

I am seeing multiple streamers under 10 and only like a few are back in.

Click-bait for the win.


Are you kidding me? I got in beat the first boss and got disconnected at the cut scene, no character and had to restart to a 74 min queue.


Spoken like a true Blizzard fan boy. The problem is that there are people playing who didn’t prepurchase the game but got a tat or ate chicken. That’s the problem.


Nope as soon as it said disconnected i quite and started again and back in q

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same happened to me just didn’t get to boss lol… but pretty sure my characters gone. gonna log back in to see but on my second queue hopefully i dont disconnect again =-P

Yeah. Those people got given codes by Blizzard. They paid for the chicken and the tat so they paid for a code. They have the same right of access as you do.

There is no problem.

Good luck in your lawsuit though. Im usre some lawyer will be happy to fleece you.


Nope. I had to join the queue like the rest of us ‘peasants’. It started at 110 minutes and it’s now at 97 minutes at the time of me replying this.

I get that this is a beta, but shouldn’t people who actually prepurchased be given some form of priority as well? If today was a stress load test for their servers, then they failed big time.


I held out, and ended up 113 mins. i thought maybe i could be smarter than everyone. should have known. lolz can work for a bit instead. all good

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A lawsuit is a bit much and you wouldn’t win anything due to their terms and conditions, but just stop trusting Blizzard to deliver on their promises. The next time Blizzard releases a game, remember that they took your money and handed you a non-functioning product. Do not preorder from them until they regain a reputation of delivering what they say they will deliver.


This has to be a joke…why would you design Diablo IV, where the campaign can 10000% be played offline, are there freaking QUEUES!!! They put as much quality into this as their other games, which is the bare minimum. Not to mention they don’t even have the technology to acknowledge players already in the game should get priority to get back IN. If you crash you’re done for the day, it’s a 1.5 hour queue!


Should start charging blizzard an hourly rate. They want to charge me extra for an early beta weekend. for each hour you make me wait in a queue reduces the cost of that extra charge. base game should be 49.99…


this is patently false.


Not all, the resident clown Quin69 is stuck on queue still. Meanwhile i got a key for free and im in EZ

current wait time is 94 minutes to get in.

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At this rate base game should be 19.99$ imo if i have to wait in a 1 hour que after an hour to get in already due to errors and crashes etc. Sad a indie company can release game with less issues.


This queue number and time means nothing. Once you get passed that you will be in Auth pending queue forever.Sitting here for 30m now. Game doesnt let anyone in doesnt matter how long you are in queue

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