Female Necromancers and Female Druids: Obesity vs Anorexia

When arguing against having beautiful female characters in-game due to lore, you ignore that the game offers customization in the first place. Clearly the developer aims for player input and creativity. An effective system would encourage diverse options, and the opposition here mainly stems from argumentativeness rather than embracing inclusivity.


I’m crying of laughter at this reply. In the thumbnail of the first video the person on the right is transgender. I wouldn’t use a video that shows transgenders doing womens competitions as an example of what a strong female body looks like. It’s a man’s body


The solution to marginalization isn’t to reverse the imbalance, just as replacing one form of exclusion with another fails to achieve true equality.


I commend you for sharing your story even though it is completely unnecessary. However I do not like that you focus on your story as the main state of why the anatomy should change. The world is bigger then you I agree with you that there should be sliders to adjust them & everything else breasts, butt, & gutt. If I want a chubby chaser or twig yes I should be able to change them to look like that.

With all of this you took your kudo points and threw them out the window with your brain. 1. Blizzard isn’t promoting obesity & anorexia you may see in D3, & D4 the Necromancer is anorexic & The druid in D4 is Obeast. D2 male druid’s anatomy was pretty muscular so when you were saying he looks like he just ate at the all you can eat buffet I wonder if you need glasses?


They wouldn’t let me post links to show pics. ^^

That don’t look fat to me back to my main point they are not promoting it you don’t see ads in games or commericals on the internet of any blizzard characters eating food. Could you imagine Thrall from Warcraft screaming Lok-Tar-
Ogarr while holding a subway sandwich?

Making up lies like obesity is a major public health problem in America & mentioning the cdc & the neda just to get your message about Diablo 4 characters across is just sad. When you try to put fake statistics with opinions well it’s bad m’kay?

The default option for Druid really looks like an elementary school lunch lady instead of an adventurer to me.

Strong women, like the most popular argument that keeps getting tossed around here states, tend to be barrel chested but still have obvious definition to their arms, legs, and body while being bulky.

I’m not seeing anything that really screams ‘strong’ on the druidess. She just looks unhealthy.

I honestly think the best thing to do here is to have a few body types per gender per class… or just let us use, say, the barbarian’s body shape on the druid or vice versa.


Well said. I literally called my Necro “No Nips” because the male version had larger breasts than the female version. I think inclusivity in this manner is an immersion killer.

The concept of a Hero or a special character looking like a perfect specimen is a human desire. The want to see a character as the best version of itself usually means them being of ideal weight & look. No one should kid themselves either. There is an established norm of what is considered peak beauty and the char developer here is on the lets keep it ugly side of things.


In before they put pleasant looking body options on the real money shop.


This is a pretty bad example to use as body building isnt natural. If the focus was purely on muscle mass you would be right but if the very same people in the videos tried running and living wild in the woods they would find their strength isn’t ideal for the environment.


Even in the Diablo 2 pictures the necro looked male and female and the druid looked far more closer to what someone that lived in the wild would actually look like.

I think it is hilarious that people think body builders are representative of someone that would live in the wild.

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Reading many of these topics make me realize, that it’s not about art anymore, but about politics. Western people, especially from the US, are so brainwashed by the media, they can’t enjoy art anymore. Same is true for comedy, that’s why there aren’t any good comedies anymore, everything is “offending” now.


For small indie company, it’s so hard add sliders for breasts and shoulders…
And we not need anime DD+ cup

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aaah… a clown-trophy farmer…

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I’m sorry you went through this along side your friend. While its true eating disorders exist and are a very serious case.
I have to say the body types for the Necro and the Druid are pretty spot on and I dont know maybe its just me but I rather like the looks of the body styling for both the male and female.

Can’t say I have a problem with either. I think for druid it’s probably about needing mass for their transformation. Like if someone is 120lbs while wet and turns into a giant bear, it doesn’t really make sense. Where is all that extra mass coming from? When you watch the druid animations, you can watch their skin tear itself apart, showing you their muscles and stuff, so I imagine that’s what they’re going for.

Don’t have any problems with necro either. Not what I’d want my partner to look like of course, but I think thematically the female necro looks very good.


I have been loathing these threads, and have been staying away from them, but I’d like to finally weigh in as a woman (and as a woman who is old enough to have played D2).

It may come as news to men, particularly younger men, that it’s generally a joke amongst women that when you lose weight (whether through diet or exercise) your breasts and backside are the “first to go”. Now with targeted exercise you can build your backside up again, sure. But nothing short of surgery is going to help your top half.

All of these perfect instagram bodies you fawn over AREN’T REAL. They are filtered to high heaven, they are manipulated, the people have had surgery.

“These bodies aren’t realistic! Where are the boobs?” Look at any serious long distance runner and let me know what you see. That is the level of body fat we are looking at on the necromancer, and that is what normal UNENHANCED female bodies look like at that level.

So unbelievable tired of (mostly) men on this forum crying about the fact they don’t have anime fantasy women wandering around their screen. You are all crying “realistic”, but no, your requests aren’t “realistic”, many of you just don’t understand what female bodies look like without filters/surgery.

As for the eating disorder aspect… There are people everywhere in the world that look exactly like these characters. It could also be argued that sticking massive breasts on the necromancer would trigger those who’s body dysmorphia is expressed through excessive amounts of surgery. I don’t even feel that the necro looks anorexic. As I mentioned above, she reminds me of a long distance runner physique. She represents the dead, necromancers (or their equivalent) across cultures have always been portrayed as gaunt. If you really want to play a necromancer but hate the body type, stick some furry/bulky clothes on her rather than have her run around half naked. My necro honestly looks no different to my sorceress ingame at the minute due to the clothing they are wearing.

Honestly, as a female I find these (ridiculously numerous) threads more offensive and demeaning than the characters. I don’t live up to any of the “realistic” standards that most “men” are espousing in these threads. I question how much access many of you have had to actual female bodies, or whether you are basing your opinions on media.

I’m tired of it.

All of the female bodies are fine. All of the female bodies are “realistic”. Perhaps you should all go outside more. All of you people screaming “woke” should go out a whole lot more. Just put the mouse down, step outside. You can do it, I believe in you.


You can do it! Try it… Look out of the window, it’s wonderful out there!

I believe in you :slight_smile:

Congratulations! You entirely ignored my valid points! The usual keyboard warrior who shrinks away from conflict when logic gets thrown in their face! Also. No, the world is a piece of trash out there.

In this day and age, there is barely anything worth going outside for.

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pats and hugs

There, there. It’s all good. I’m here for you.

(fantasy enough for you?)

dude, really?

The druid is not obese, he has the body like a powerlifter, as someone mentioned before. He is even wider in the shoulders than the wraist. And even if it is obese for you, just don´t use it. At least you are not gender locked in Diablo like other MMO games.

““Woke”” comments like yours doesn´t help at all


Diablo - fantasy game- i play game for looks at fantasy world, magic, and ect
In Diablo 4 - i cant choose like my character looks like
(Blizz say :“dude it’s fat unhealthy F-druid, play”) btw - 11 hairstyle same for M and F…
i want hedonism, and chance to create / chose more personality in game.
if i want necromancer, bone hand and ect - ok pick it
if i want beautiful necromancer - ok pick it
But i dont have a chose, your understand?

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