Female Necromancers and Female Druids: Obesity vs Anorexia

Rogue can look pretty good at least, never tried female Sorc

Probably because you aren’t gay and you have functioning eyeballs. The people who think they look like men, I just, I don’t know man, maybe they’ve legitimately never been outside before?

I would like to hear these people go on about how Kate Moss was woke because she looked like a man in the 90s. Just absolute lol at these clowns.


I like my Necro and think she looks fine. She’s the only character I think, I’m able to make with long hair! (Which is a whole different thing.)

Druid, while not obese, I just can’t find any combination in the character creation to making her attractive. I haven’t found a youthful face in her four faces. It’s just… I know this is beta. But hopefully more customization is in store?

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There is definitely something wrong with the head and neck area. Not sure if the head is too small, the face is the wrong size, the neck is too big or what, but there is definitely something wrong with it.


Agreed. As someone who fought with obesity for years before I took my health seriously, crap like the Druid is a slap in the face. Some of us actually improve our lives Blizzard, and pull ourselves out of the holes we’ve dug.

This is fixed by simply adding 3 body sizes for each class even.


I don’t like how they look.

I would like more choices, and more ways to customize them.

If you like it cool, but I don’t and more options is good.

All needs to be said.


ARPG’s don’t usually have ANY customization for the characters, get over it.

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Who cares? If you’re looking for a one-handed game you’re in the wrong place lmao…

oh god… having body diversity is not “promoting” mental health and physical health issues.

Do the super hot bodies also promote body dysmorphia? Sounds like you have some.

the druid has neither. Just a think belly, but very muscular arms and legs.

He looks like Tom Stoltman (strongest man alive)

Poor goth girls don’t deserve this strung out crackhead with no bosom.

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I like both designs…as an option.

In fact, I WISH I could use the female Necromancer for my Rogue because of how much it looks like a lithe male, rather than a female…even though the faces are cursed.

They should go balls out with the character customization. Give each class a couple of body types for both the men and women.

Agree with the main post.
Blizzard, explain why I should also be disadvantaged? Why should I tolerate a fat obese character? You fight for equality and the rights of every person. So please explain to me - why should I - a fit, young, tall person in life - look at my fat character and play it? It turns out that you are NOW ALREADY oppressing people like me, young / thin / tall guys / girls - banned in your company?

How to understand this double hypocrisy? It turns out that you are for equality, but at the same time you exceed the rights of some (fat / obese / short), spitting on the rights of others (thin / tall / fit?) Do you think I, as a type of person, do not exist? What is this impudence from the Titan company in the gaming industry?

If you’re exploiting tolerance so deeply in the gaming industry by bringing all of its nuances into the Game World, then why haven’t the overweight characters been given a breather? Do you think they can fight crowds of mobs for so long and not get tired? I don’t think this is realistic. Or do you know how to include tolerance selectively / unilaterally?

I literally demand that a slider be added to the game to adjust the weight of the character and his appearance. Swollen women or men with obesity - I’ve seen enough in real life, but in the game, please give me a rest from such obese people. I didn’t come to the virtual world to meet real people there.
Specifically, in this game, I really feel that people like me are oppressed. This is a direct insult


Oh, great. Wokeness in D4…


Fem Barb and Fem Druid are the literal pinnacles of the female body of two different aspects, one is body form, the other is raw strength. Both are the results of training and exercise.

Too much coomerbait has warped your perception on what a strong body looks like.

Here is what an actual strong body looks like. Mass moves mass. If you don’t know, the weight they’re putting up is pretty damn impressive for the woman’s competition.


that’s true, but in categories 50+ and 60+ girls are more feminine while still have good muscles
but, tbh, I am ok with fem druid - she has that powerlifting type of a body with about 100 kilo. And as someone previously sad - druid is also looks like Eddy Hall

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I watched the documentary on Eddie Hall, the amount of sacrifice him and his family put in to achieve what he did is amazing. I love watching people achieve amazing feats, makes you proud of them and what the human spirit can achieve.

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In hallowed forums, where discourses thrive,
Chivalrous sentinels ardently strive,
To shield flawed schemes, their credo a shroud,
Dismissing dissent with reproaches loud.

“Coomers!” they bellow, ideologues blind,
Unmindful of art’s decline, maligned,
As femininity’s splendor fades away,
Progressive agendas hold beauty at bay.

Yet, hope lingers, a radiant gleam,
A dream of elegance, one day redeemed,
For advancement need not mar the sublime,
And beauty in games shall flourish in time.


Necro´s loooks extreamly spot on. Do you think Necro´s has access to McDonalds?

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Self proclaimed victims. They aren’t happy unless they’re complaining.