Favorite Parts of Season 2 Endgame

Favorite parts of Season 2 Endgame:

  • AoZ rewards are amazing…wait there aren’t any. In fact you get better rewards from a 5 second Duriel run…I’m not 100% sure, but I may have gotten better rewards from a WT3 treasure goblin as compared to the AoZ reward system.

  • AoZ balance…I love clearing an AoZ dungeon in 4 minutes and then get one shot by the boss in the first 2 seconds of spawning…

  • AoZ is just poorly thought out with virtually no player reward for the time invested to complete it. I did up to T24 this season. I was very bored with the content after T2…I kept going in hopes there would be a hotfix to add SOMETHING…an elixir or incense would be better than the current vendor trash…

Hopefully Season 3 is better…thoughts on PoE?

sounds like someone wasnt good enough for aoz and is a bit salty about it

No… AoZ was a bandage over an amputation… something to appease the few that kept writing on forums how there was no endgame which there isn’t …while they used the latest meta build blindly without really playing the game itself, it probably wasn’t thought through, it wasn’t play tested to check its mechanics worked and it is restrictive to those players who haven’t killed Echo of Lilith or completed a level 90 NmD other than that it did what it was supposed to… it created a few weeks of breathing space for blizzard work out how to further destroy a great game franchise with more rubbish content.
Currently its log on, run whispers, run helltide, run legion, run world boss, repeat, repeat, repeat, which takes hours till enough materials are obtained to run mini bosses to get shards and eggs which takes seconds, then run duriel which takes a few more seconds - get nothing useful - start all over again…

AoZ is an abysmal failure. The rates of player retention dropped off a cliff. AoZ wasnt getting anyone excited save it a few streamers and Elon Musk.

I couldnt take it past LV 10 glyph. There is nothing to chase. The self fulfulling glyph itself blows up after season end. There is what 1 title to go through that maybe 3-4 builds in game can achieve by breaking every single thing in the game possible like snapshotting, overpower crits, macros to switch gear. Its utterly ridiculous.

If this is the best vision and gameplay and fun they can design then this game is in real trouble.