Explanation why the lob effect of scoundrel's kiss needs to be gone

Yeah I know, not a new thing but I think the more people complain the more the devs are pushed for changes. I just got the ring and it’s absolutely atrocious to play. Don’t get me wrong the effect is absolutely insane. As a endgame dedicated item it does exactly what you want: it covers the only weakness of you core skils meaning the lack of AOE damage. This is the best RF has been since the barber that, guess what, was giving the skill the exact same effect. I think the AOE that provides needs to stay for the ring to be relevant but the lobbing needs to be gone.

The lobs weakens the skils substantially. I think they were trying to cook something like in PoE where the skills are changed in their main mechanics through the skill tree but they burnt the dish quite heavily. Obviously the first interaction of the ring was very bad and many streamers pointed out that by lobbing in a line instead of shooting, the core skill became only usable in melee if you wanted to hit a target for the max damage. This is because if you aim far away, the lobs between you and target are wasted, so the further the you aim the more you waste the arrows. Normal RF doesn’t have the same issue because all arrow travels until they hit the target. So they obviously reworked it in a way that it lobs in the area were you click. Ok principle this is decent but it still feels terrible. Thing is, if the target moves from the originally point were you aimed RF you missed entirely unless you hit through the splash damage of the AOE. Obviously this can happen to regular RF too, if the target is trying to dodge laterally or keep distance, like some mobs that attack from afar. Although lobbing adds also the problem of aiming at enemies that are running at you, because you have to be very good at aiming in the precise point were you want RF to fall. With the old RF I could aim past the target in the same general direction and I would had never missed, the only important thing is that if the mob is running in a straight line I have to click on that imaginary line no matter where. The arrows will hit the target no matter what. Now I have to predict the point, making it much much easier to miss a shot completely and sometimes shooting over the target, sometime before.

The only positive note that I found is that by lobbing, you can hit targets that would otherwise be body blocked by other mobs. Like if you have a purple mob that grants armor in a middle of a pack, it’s impossible to hit that one first unless you reposition where you can have a direct shot (sometimes not possible). With the lob you can jump over the first trash mobs and hit directly but I think this is the only positive note vs a general disatisfaction of the gameplay.

I think the ring should be reworked by removing the lobbing. Ok devs tried to do something cool, I appreciate the effort, but it really backfired. Just give RF arrows explosive properties on hit, it’s less interesting but it does exactly what people want and nothing more. Btw this way you can have it combo off with Repeating aspect to chain explosions in a mob pack.


Let it fire like normal rapid fire does and have the repeating aspect work with it and itll be just fine.

Would be much better for us controler users aswell.


Repeating does work with it? Unless you mean copy the effect as well.

That’s literally how everything works? If you just have normal RF and the mob moves away from where you aimed it you will miss them? Bad argument.

Edit: make grenade bonuses effect it.

If it was possible, I’d vote for lobbing toggle. It’s kinda cool, tho hideous for me and I hate it, but I can see how people would enjoy it, shooting the target over the obstacles. It could have certain bonuses switched along with the fire mode toggle.

But seeing how it would require a mechanic that I don’t think is in the game, I’d prefer complete removal of lobbing. It just doesn’t even feel like shooting a bow anymore, but a grenade launcher.