Eternal Realm Season 4 Wipe

Once season 4 begins please wipe the Eternal realm I think old items will cause a problem. Instead of having to code a work around on old items, just remove all characters from Eternal realm and start fresh! Edited: Making a point on this topic, the new itemization will make the old items useless and what would be the point of holding on to them? It would make your Eternal build weaker compaired to the new shiny items and can’t ever be improved on.

why ? diablo game had legacy item in the past , that’s definitely not a problem.
and there’s no reason at all to wipe everyone progress over something as simple as that

for fresh start there is already season.

Ooh, I don’t want to be like cry baby, but my plan since day one was to get all my characters slowly in seasonal then transfer them to eternal so when the game is fixed I would have nice boosted 50+ lvl characters to play there. So as of now, all my characters are on Eternal and waiting the goods to come.

I understand where you come from, but if that happens I would like loose 8 months of careful preparation and waiting, which hardly will be to my liking.


You just want to watch Diablo IV crash and burn? You want to see players leaving Diablo IV? You sure are evil!

If Blizzard wipe the Eternal Realm, it will be a disaster for the company. I bet you will be the one egging the angry players on.

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I’d like to keep my 3 DR chest and pants, thanks

DR yellows are going to be worth so much more … like DR while injured lol …

They already provided a solution related to what happens on the Ethernal realm and i think it’s fine. Maybe you didn’t see the campfire video or read the full notes, but the solution is good.