Eternal Players did not pay for the game?

Why things like AOZ and Gaunlet do not come to Eternal?
I play both eternal and Seasons, but not every season. I like the freedom to play eternal when I do not like some of the season theme.
Blizzard you made the content, why punish eternal people? are they your customers?
It is ok you launch new things in season and bring to eternal later but not just tell us it won’t come to eternal. Not fair to eternal players


The Gauntlet will be on Eternal as far as I know.

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You bought seasonal gameplay, and that’s what you’re getting my friend.

It’s long been known that D4 would be based around Seasonal content, so your feeling of being punished is a tad dramatic.


Diablo Community Manager Lyricana further clarified that The Gauntlet will be a permanent addition to the game. While it is a seasonal only activity, it is not only available during Season 3.

To help clarify.


No,read the new announcement

I thought the Gauntlet will be season only? I could’ve sworn I read it yesterday but I can’t seem to find that post…from a moderator named Lyrrica (sp)?..

I mostly play eternal and I’m just glad we got the Lunar Awakening event - I don’t mind those types of events happening in eternal too. :slightly_smiling_face:

That does not mean it is Right. Other arpg games adopted new approach and d4 should evolve

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I didn’t know about a new announcement but I could have sworn they said during the last live stream that it was going to be on both. Either I heard wrong or they straight up don’t even bother keeping their word anymore.

I agree. There should be at least some features from seasons added to eternal. Not only the gauntlet but other stuff also.

Perhaps it could be some sort of extension. So if someone likes the season they could play for another few months in eternal.


When you buy a live service game what you’re paying for is a license to access the content on that live service game. If you choose not to participate in that content that’s your choice. It’s not like blizzard are locking you out if it.

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I don’t think leaderboards really belong on eternal. For that reason gauntlet may never show up there as we see it in S3.

With this in mind I would really like if eternal had the seasonal quest story line. I think after multiple seasons it would be nice to go back and relive old stories.

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Pretty sure that’s the idea dude, almost positive they said that’ll happen.

D3 added popular stuff to the non seasonal realm keep the players too scared to play happy.



Don’t expect from bli$$ard any love for eternal. Gauntlet will be sesonal only. They dont respect solo and casual players. If you like play eternal there is curently better game on the market.

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^ for clarification.

Also for more clarification.

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They said before it will be on both eternal and season, and they do not keep promise

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When did they say that do you have a link? This is from Blizzcon. :point_down:

“The Gauntlet will test your skills in the Seasonal Realm against fellow players in a set layout, non-linear Dungeon, where a potent combination of mastery and skills achieves high scores.”

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this is another case of people hearing what they want to hear as opposed to what is actually said


infact, its already happening. certain vampiric powers are coming to eternal through items, as well as certain malignant powers did